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A Very Corporate Affair 3(8)

By:D A Latham

"He would have dealt with it, I didn't need you rushing in to save me," he said sulkily.

I stared open mouthed. "Nobody was dealing with it Ivan. It seemed like I was the only person mildly concerned about you. I'll play you the recording so you can hear it for yourself. Now I'm sorry if I stepped out of line, but you know what? I had a bit of a shit time too. If I did the wrong thing, I can only apologise." A thick silence spread between us, and I stared out of the window, trying not to cry. It wasn't the ecstatic homecoming I'd expected.

Back at the house, Ivan made a fuss of the girls. "Are you cooking something?" He asked, sniffing.

"Yeah, a roast beef dinner," I said sulkily.

"I'm not hungry," he snapped. I went to the oven and switched it off. I gathered up my bag and laptop.

"I'll head back to London." I fully expected him to ask me not to.

"Ok." He strolled out of the kitchen, and went upstairs. So rude. I called Roger to ask if he would drive me to Derwent station. I didn't even want to put them out by asking for a lift home. Roger seemed puzzled, but did as I requested without comment. I was back home by seven.

I dumped my laptop in the flat, and whizzed round to the mart. When I got back I opened my laptop, and composed an email to Ivan, adding the recording.

From: Elle Reynolds

To: Ivan Porenski

Date: 30th June 2013

Subject: ungrateful git

Attachments: memo A4m 632KB, cache 14ce

Dear Ivan

I have no idea what your bad temper earlier was all about. All I can say in my defence is that I did what I thought was right at the time. I have attached a recording of my meeting at Retinski with the other board members. Also attached are all the emails that passed between us. I also need to advise you that I changed the password on your computer. It took me about ten seconds to figure it out, so it wasn't terribly secure. It's now Tania2013

I appreciate you have had a tough time, but I'd like to respectfully remind you that I buried my mother yesterday. I've not had a great time either, so I kind of expected a little understanding.

I was advised of your will and contingency plans by Ms Pearson. I would like you to change that please. I have come to realise that I cannot live in your world. I'm sorry.

I would like to resign the directorships too. I think a clean break is better for me. I have never been so terrified as I was in the Retinski offices, knowing your colleagues wanted me out of the way. I may have misjudged them, and it's a 'Russian' thing, but it's way too brutal for me.#p#分页标题#e#

I'm sorry to let you down, but I just can't do this.


I pressed send, and closed my laptop, before making myself a sandwich, and switching on the telly. I watched the news coverage about Ivan's 'courageous' escape, and glugged down a large glass of wine, while wondering why I was so shit at relationships.

By half nine, my eyelids were growing heavy, so I turned off the telly, and washed up my glass. I checked my emails, to find one from Ivan that simply said 'fine'. I dragged myself to bed, and lay in the darkness, sobbing like a baby. All the stress, emotion, and anxiety of the past couple of days poured out in a fit of uncontrollable tears, soaking my pillow. Eventually, I fell into an exhausted sleep

I slept in until nearly half seven the next morning, probably due to my lack of sleep the night before. I dragged myself out of bed, and made a coffee, before looking out over the river, and contemplating the day ahead. I decided to head over to the West End, and spend a self indulgent day mooching around the shops. With nobody demanding to know where I was, or what I was doing, I thought I'd better enjoy my new found liberation.

I showered and dressed, debating whether or not to leave my phone behind, in case I was tracked. I decided against it. I felt safer having it, and if Ivan started stalking me, I'd stop him through legal means.

It felt great to hop on the tube, and travel anonymously. I started off with Oxford street, looking in the shops I'd never dream of going into with either Ivan or Oscar. I found a couple of cute little tops in Zara, and a funky pair of shoes in Russell and Bromley. I scoured Topshop for casual clothes, and picked up a couple of bargains. I bought a pair of skinny jeans in Miss Selfridge, and even braved Abercrombie and Fitch to pick up a hoodie and a couple of vest tops.

I hauled all my purchases home on the tube, which was a bit of a pain, and got home around four. With no word from Ivan, I cleaned the flat thoroughly, did my laundry, and managed to sit down in time for Top Gear. For the first time in ages, I felt relaxed and normal.

I got straight back into my routine Monday morning, and was at my desk by half seven looking immaculate. I scrolled through my emails, and deleted the Retinski ones that I had forwarded to myself on Friday. I checked my schedule, and added myself back in every day. Laura had booked me out due to me being granted leave of absence, so I sorted it all out, and added Steve Robbins back in on Wednesday for his company float. I emailed Ms Pearson, and copied Lewis in, informing them that I wouldn't require the time off, and that I wouldn't be accepting Ivan's offer of non exec positions in his companies due to my personal safety being compromised. Approximately two minutes later Lewis appeared.