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Accidentally Married to the Billionaire 1

By:Sierra Rose

Chapter 1

Marjorie Reynolds knocked on her elderly neighbor’s door. They lived in the same apartment building and had been friends for years. Marj had done some shopping for her. When Maria opened it, she smiled.

“Thank you,” she said, waving her in the apartment.

Marj offered her a cheery grin. “Not a problem. I picked up your prescriptions too.”

“Thank you, honey. I see you remembered the cat food.”

She petted the black cat on the head as it let out a small meow. “Now how could I forget Cuddles here?”

“You’re a Godsend. What would I do without you? My six kids either moved away or can care less about me, and I can’t drive anymore. But you’ve always been here for me. Always. You’re my knight in shining armor. The female version, of course.”

Marj set the bags down on the table. “I’ll take that. Because that means I get to slay big, giant dragons. As long as I’m not the damsel in distress.”

“I think we both know you’re a very independent woman.”

Marj smiled and helped her put the groceries away, then they played cards.

Maria flipped up a card. “I want to set you up with my grandson. He’s my...”

“Shining star,” Marj finished.

“Wait. Have we had this conversation before?”

Maria was starting to develop early dementia and that worried Marj. Maria was such a kind and wonderful person. She always had a smile on her face and made her laugh.

“Yeah, hon. We’ve had this conversation before. I even went out with your grandson, Michael a few months back.”

“Oh, that’s right. He robbed you blind. Took your rent money. I’m so sorry about all of that. He’s all screwed up on drugs now. But he used to be a very good boy.”

“It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault,” Marj reassured her.

“He’s very cute.”

“Very. Just not very stable.”

Maria let out a long sigh. Marj grinned, showing her that she was long past the incident.

“So what happened to the cute guy in Star Bucks?” Maria asked. “The one that looked like my hottie on The Vampire Diaries? And no, I’m not too old to be watching that show. I might be eighty, but I still like a hot man with piercing, blue eyes. I’m very young at heart.”

Chuckling, Marj shook her head. “Anyway, I found out he was married.”

“Seriously?” She tapped her chin. “What about the big, muscular one we always saw jogging? The one that smiled at you when he was all hot and sweaty?”

“He’s gay.”

“I knew he was to good looking!” she squealed.

Marj laughed.

“How about the dreamy, blond guy in the bookshop?”

“He’s dating three other bookworms.”

“Oh, a player.”

“Yeah. I’ve been searching all over for Mr. Right, but I keep getting disappointed by all the men I meet. I really don’t think there is a Prince Charming or knight in shining armor.”

“Sure there is.” She pointed to the happy picture of her and her husband. “I found mine and we were married for fifty years before he passed away.”

“I hope I get as lucky as you one day.”

She pushed back a strand of white hair that fell from her tight bun. “You will. How that dating site, Blender? Is that helping?”

“Tinder,” Marj corrected with a chuckle. “I’ve met lots of great people, just nobody I want to date.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll find the right Blender match.”

“Tinder match.”

“Right. Don’t just swipe the cute ones. Because those are the ones that are trouble. What do you look for in a profile?”

“Someone who looks like they want to do fun things, and definitely someone who makes me laugh.”

“Maybe you should try more coffee dates. Talking too much online isn’t natural. Meeting someone face to face is the way to go. If they don’t work out, you always have a new friend.”

“Yep. They’re great practice for when my soulmate does come along. Dating is definitely a fun adventure.”

Her bright green eyes twinkled. “Online dating has changed the game for sure.”

“For the better or for the worse?” Marj asked.

“I think online dating makes the romantic process feel forced and dehumanizing. Why don’t you meet a good man in church?”

Marj tapped her nails on the table. “I think I’ll just focus on my career and my new job.”

She put down a few more cards. “Yeah, let love come naturally. I know you said it’s fun and exciting, but I think offline encounters are the best way to go.”