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Accidentally Married to the Billionaire 3

By:Sierra Rose

Chapter 1

Brandon’s lawyer stopped by and Marj invited him inside. Brandon owned the huge home and the condo, plus many other residences he resided. She had no idea how her husband owned so many places, but he did. If she had her way, they would just stay at the townhouse. But Brandon loved his mansion and missed it terribly, so they moved in for a while.

The multi-room mansion had a ballroom, a tennis court, and even an Olympic size pool. The stunning exterior was decorated with plenty of greenery from colorful flowers to creeping vines stretching over the veranda. Her favorite part was the beautiful garden, complete with water fountains and fairy lit trees that stretched out around the property.

Paul asked Marj to host a last minute party for Brandon. He wanted to gain favor with another CEO so he could buy some kind of stock before it went public. According to Paul, it was a brilliant business strategy.

“Brandon is expected to bring out the wife once in a while,” Paul said. “People want to meet you. You’re the woman that tamed the billionaire playboy.”

“Am I an advantage or an accessory?” Marj asked.

He smiled. “Why darling, you’re both.”

“Okay, then. If I can help Brandon in any way, then I want to.”

“Great.” He then handed her a slip of paper.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a list of all the places we’ll need you over the next few months.”


“It’s just a weekend in a luxurious cabin in northern Wisconsin. You’ll love it!”


“Who doesn’t love a weekend in the Alps?”

“Fundraising events? Lunches? Awards dinner? More cocktail parties.”

“You’re a corporate wife. Get used to it. Besides, most corporate wives love this stuff. It’s a fantastic perk, don’t you think?”

“Um…” She glanced down at the paper. “You want me to go out four to five times a week?”

“Yes, because that’s what expected. Oh, I’ll send over someone from PR to help you with strategic choices of designer outfits and give you tips on how to interact with everyone. I can’t thank you enough for being there for your husband. You’re selfless, loyal, and deeply committed. We can’t thank you enough. Just know that sacrifice and compromise are part of the unspoken deal.”

“So I’m learning.”

“Just remember, you couldn’t have this lifestyle without Brandon, so you owe him.”

Marj let out a long breath.

Don’t go off on the man! It won’t help things.

“I stand behind Brandon,” she said. “Whatever he needs, I’m there.”

“That’s my girl. Marj, you’ll make an excellent hostess and social facilitator. Brandon takes excellent care of you, does he not?”

“And I take excellent care of him right back,” she retorted.

“I’m sure massages, homemade dinners, and sex does help ease Brandon’s stress.”

It took everything not to punch him.

“Unplanned travel and unpredictable work hours can be very wearing,” he continued. “Taking care of your husband and making him happy is your number one job.”

“Of course. But I love to work, too. And I’m very good at my job. How am I ever going to go back to my old job with this new schedule you’re giving me?”

“Corporate wives don’t work. Unless they’re running their own Fortune 500 companies. And I don’t think you are, sweety.”

“But I love my job. Brandon told me I could eventually go back to work.”

“Listen, the day you said, I do. Well, it’s the day you chose corporate wife over corporate career. So forget the corporate climb up the ladder. That ship has long sailed. Your place is at Brandon’s side as his loving and adoring wife. You’re the wife of a prominent, powerful man. Your schedule must revolve around his. Like most CEOs, Brandon has civic or business commitments almost every night.”

“I know,” she muttered.

“Welcome to the big leagues. It’s a privilege, a duty, and a shitload of work. Many women would kill for your position.”

She glanced away.

“Listen, he said. We’ll find a way to focus on your talents. I know how smart you are. I’ll hook you up with a non-profit organization, and you can pour all your intellect and creativity into.”

“Since I’m strictly forbidden to follow the corporate path, I’m just curious. What’s a typical day like for me, Paul?”

“You can be found patronizing the arts, having lunch with prestigious women, or doing volunteer work like a Good Samaritan.”