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Angel Blackwood

By:Sophie Summers

Angel Blackwood - Sophie Summers


As I step out of the car, I’m immediately hit with a sense of deja vu. The sound of people’s voices and laughter coming from inside the pack house fills my eardrums. My parents obviously have pack members over.

I make my way up the porch stairs as a familiar feeling, the same feeling which overwhelmed me hours before, comes rushing into me like a gust of wind. I stop myself from barrelling over as I lean against the pillar on top of the stairs catching my breath, rubbing the palms of my hands against my eyes trying to clear my pulsing vision. It seems to work a little bit. I’m able to see a little clearer as I turn and face the front door.

My sense of smell is playing games with me too. It’s a mix of two very distinct smells; spicy and sweet. The spicy scent is intensely manly making my insides throb with need whilst the sweetness to the scent makes my mouth water. I’m completely confused but manage to slow my steps a little as I try to figure out where this amazing smell is coming from.

I swear it’s making me drool. Whatever it is…it’s deliciously familiar.

The scent is seriously strong, it can only mean that my mate is a rather powerful one. After all that I’ve been through, I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or if it’s bad. I move to lean against the wooden railing on the porch with the palm of my hand resting against my forehead. Closing my eyes I try to calm by beating heart as well as the dizziness that is forming due to the power that is radiating from within the house.

My body is trembling, I’m not sure if I’m excited to find out who he is or if I’m terrified that I might be rejected for a second time this evening, especially when they figure out I’m human.

I anxiously walk towards the front door, the shivers running through my body intensify as I get closer. It’s as if tiny electrical currents are running through me from head to toe, but all I can focus on right now is my mate. Everything else that happened this evening doesn’t mean shit right now.

I place my hand on the door knob and as I’m just about to turn it, the door flings open pulling me with it and I go flying into a hard chest.

I gasp as I’m winded.

“Mate,” he growls.


My hands rest on his chest at my eye level, his strong hands holding either side of my upper arms firmly. I look at my finger tips and I can feel tingles surging through them where they touch his body, over his blue golf shirt.

“Tyler,” I whisper, out of breath.

I look up to his beautiful face and his eyes that are as dark as night. If I had to have seen these dark eyes months ago I would have been scared stiff, most probably running for the hills. Now… after everything and how I’ve grown to love the twins, I know they would never hurt me. They are my heart.

My second chance mate is Tyler, my sweet, loving Tyler.

I smile to myself as I look into his handsome face. As always he’s walking perfection. His black hair is combed over and tucked behind his ears, still long enough to touch the collar of his shirt, but every strand in place. His face is clean shaven and silky smooth too.

So perfect and all mine.

He brings his hand up to my face and pushes a few stray tendrils away from my eyes. ^ My eyes find his again and I watch as his now blue ones stare lovingly into my own.

“I knew it… felt it… we were always meant to be,” he says softly, in his mesmerising deep voice as he continues to look from my eyes to my lips.

I smile as soon as he places both of his hands on my face stroking along my jawline with his thumbs. A shiver runs down my spine and I lean my head into his touch.

I place my hands on either side of his waist, steadying myself. He leans down and rubs his cheek against mine so gently, closing my eyes I breathe him in.

He pulls away from me just a little, his lips lingering close enough that I can feel his irregular breathing against my own dry lips. Leaning forwards, he brushes his lips against mine softly but I can’t control myself; it’s as if my body is calling to his… needing to touch, desperate to be closer.

I dig my fingers into his hips, scrunching up the fabric of his shirt between my fingertips. I push my lips against his, earning a growl from him as his mouth attacks mine. He chuckles against my lips as he pushes me against the now closed door, his warm hands holding my face firmly as his lips meet mine again. We continue to kiss each other, not caring if anyone sees.

I pull away and he lets out a soft growl causing me to let out a small laugh at his impatience. I can feel the burn in my cheeks; I know my blushing is obvious, it always is. I mean… it’s not something I can hide with my pale skin. Tyler just stares silently, looking my face over with a small smile on his.