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Ava’s Mate

By:Hazel Gower


Snarling at the ten demons before him, he grabbed the largest and ripped off his head, throwing the body at the wall. “When I say I want one of their females, I expect you to bring me one. Not excuses that they keep killing your scouts or destruction squads. I’m making it priority one to get our hands on their mated females.” Staring down at the terrified demons before him, he licked the blood from his hands and smirked. “Anyone who can bring me a pregnant female will get a reward. If you can bring me a pregnant female and a werewolf female I will do even better—I will give you a world to command.”

The beady eyes before him lit up and they groveled at his feet before scampering out of his hall.

Looking around his domain, his gaze rested on the chained woman huddling in the corner. “Ah, my pet, let us hope one of your predictions come true. As of late everything you have said has not come to pass. If I keep having to punish you, I don’t know how much longer I will keep you alive.” Stalking over to the trembling woman, he pulled the chain around her neck and hands tighter until she was just a breath away from his sharp fangs. “If we don’t have a female werewolf and a pregnant mate within the time frame you have given me, I will kill you slowly, limb by limb.”

She tried to nod and gasped out, “Master, I promise this will happen. I have not seen another path.”

He growled and threw her down. “For your own sake, you better hope so.” He walked out of the room and to a portal.

Chapter 1

Ava’s first couple of weeks at human military central had started out so well. She loved organizing the military base. She doubted it could run without her now. She’d found a better supplier for everything, not to mention she’d arranged for two more large barracks and three bunkhouses to be erected .

Men. How on earth would they survive in life if they didn’t have a good, reliable woman around? If she hadn’t come in and taken over, they would still be waiting for material and labors. Her brothers expected fifty human men to somehow squeeze into one small bunkhouse with no cafeteria.

Ava’s brothers were the most unorganized men. If it wasn’t for her, she was sure most of them would still only have a TV, lounge, and bed in their houses. Ava didn’t even want to think about food. The frustrating thing was they all knew how to cook bar Jamie, thanks to Faith. Jamie never learnt, because Faith always took over his duties. But Ava’s brothers would rather live on junk food.

Ava had just come back from a lunch with her new sister-in-law, well soon to be sister-in-law. Kirby was a human mate and didn’t seem to recognize the mate mark as proof. She wanted a human ceremony so she could have a piece of paper that stated they were married.

It was so hard to understand humans, because mating was a lot more powerful than a marriage ceremony. When werewolves, or any weres for that matter, mated it was for life. There was no such thing as divorce. Over and over again this had been explained to humans, but they just didn’t seem to grasp the concept.

She supposed she would have to get use to humans, especially as two of her brothers had mated one, and her close friend Sandra had mated another. God, she prayed she was never stuck with one. Ava wanted a werewolf mate, not a weak, small, delicate human.

Really, she shouldn’t be so mean. She loved Faith like a sister and Kirby, Rane’s mate, was fast becoming her best friend. With her twin sister Eve now in the air force, Ava had had to make some new friends to help with the loneliness. Ava smiled as she thought of her crazy sister. Eve was the only werewolf who would be game enough to want to fly fighter jets. All the weres she knew liked all their feet firmly planted on solid ground.

Ava shook her head at the fact that she and her sister were like fire and ice. Eve had counted down the hours until she could get away from small town life, whereas Ava thrived on it. She loved knowing everyone’s business, being so close to family, the togetherness of community, and most of all she loved the nosiness and help available.

Ava was always up for helping anyone and usually ended up taking over projects. Her mother called her a ‘mother hen’ and said she had never known anyone in her long life who organized people better than Ava.

That was why Ava knew this was the perfect job for her. It also helped that it put her secretarial and management courses to good use. Plus, what sister didn’t enjoy organizing her brothers’ lives, and showing them she was better at most things than them?

Lost in her musing, she didn’t catch the mango and coconut scent. It was her usually quiet wolf that alerted her, but it was a minute too late and she bumped into a rock solid chest. She corrected herself before she fell, but muscular arms wrapped around her anyway.