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Bad Boy's Baby(158)

By:Sosie Frost

Her eyes welled with tears—terrified but overjoyed. She couldn’t help but touch her belly. I had a feeling we’d be doing a lot of that.

If she let me.

Christ, I hope she’d let me.

“Say it,” I said. “Don’t fight me anymore. Forget our parents’ marriage. Forget the money. Forget the house. Just look at me.”

Shay shook her head. “I can’t forget those things, Zach. They’re what led me to you.”

“Will they keep you from me?”

Her smile warmed me. “No. Not anymore.”

“You’re sure?”

“More certain than I’ve ever been.”

I nestled into my pillows. Shay wasn’t the only one who avoided commitment. I never heard anyone say it to me. I wondered if it’d be just as sweet as I imagined.

“Zach, I’m in love with you.”

Nope. I was wrong. It was far sweeter. Beautiful. Perfect.

Nothing better in the world, and I was attached to a line of morphine.

She leaned in again for a simple kiss, but there was nothing simple about it, not after speaking those words. Not after nearly dying in her arms. Not after learning our passion created the life tucked secret within her belly.

I thought my life fell apart without my job. Instead, I was given a chance for a happiness I didn’t know if I fucking deserved, but I sure as hell wasn’t blowing.

I brushed her hair behind her ear and kissed her again.

“You and me,” I whispered. “We’re gonna start a family. We’re going to love each other. And we’re going to be good to each other. That’s the way it’ll happen.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. The instant I get out of this bed, I’m proving it to you.”

She smiled. “You just had surgery. You need to rest. Really rest.”

“I’ll have plenty of time while I’m taking care of you and the baby.”

“I’m supposed to be the one reassuring you.”

“Me?” I shrugged. It hurt. I reminded myself not to do that again. “I’m still in one piece. Much better than my last stay in the hospital. This recovery will be easy.”


“Because I have you.” I pulled her close again. “I love you.”

Finally the walls came down. No hesitations. No excuses. Just me and her and absolute honesty.

“I love you too.”

Epilogue – Shay

Five Months Later

I smoothed the comforter around us as Zach crashed, the instructions for a tricky mobile still clutched in his hand. The little woodland creatures that belonged over the crib scattered across the room. Defeat never looked so cute.

He tossed an arm over his eyes. “I’ll finish it in the morning. Or I’ll pay someone to do it for me. That fucking mobile is harder to crack than the crib.”

I snuggled against him. “I think it’s great you’re trying to build it all.”

“I can strip and assemble a rifle in a minute. Can’t figure out baby equipment.”

“You love it.”

He couldn’t hide the dimples. “So do you.”

I bit my lip. The folded envelope rested on the nightstand. Inside, a card from my doctor with the results of the day’s sonogram. I managed to ignore it all day, but I cuddled next to Zach, and the baby heard his voice. The little butterfly flutter punted me from the inside. I stared at the sealed card.

“Are you sure you don’t want to know if it’s a girl or boy?” I asked.

“Thought we wanted it to be a surprise?”

I thought a lot of things over the past few months. I thought of how lucky it was that Zach rested beside me. How amazing it felt to have him there for late night ice-cream and soft pretzel runs. How awesome it was that I found a charity that shared my goals.

I was blessed with both a baby and Zach. Our family grew every day, healthy and together.

But sweet Mary and Joseph I wanted to know who the little trooper was kicking in my belly. I couldn’t wait three whole months.

I reached over Zach. He stole my arm and kissed it before I swiped the envelope.

“Nope,” he said. “You ordered me to stop you.”

“I also told you to leave the estate and get out of my life forever.”

He grinned, motioning as if to get out of bed. “A promise is a promise.”

“No!” I giggled, pulling him to me. “Don’t you dare. A girl can change her mind.”

And thank goodness I did.

Zach gave me a scolding glance before he kissed me.

“You wanted.” His lips moved from mine to the delicate angle of my chin. “To keep it.” I bent my head back as he gently sucked at my throat. “A surprise.”