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Bad Boy's Baby(159)

By:Sosie Frost

Oh, the things he did to me…most notably the bump in my belly. The baby was nowhere near done cooking, but the swelling excited both of us. Zach’s hand rubbed over my tummy, but his lips and teeth nipped at my teddy for another reason entirely.

I grinned as he tugged the lace away, kissing my dark, satin skin with an unrivaled devotion. I settled into the pillows as he rose over me. After a long day of doctor’s visits and charity work, stopping at the gym to check on the underprivileged, teenaged military hopefuls Zach trained, and then unsuccessfully constructing more equipment than a baby could ever use, I was ready for a little R&R.

Besides, my body became so sensitive since entering the second trimester. I practically trembled so near Zach. My nipples darkened, hardened, and teased. My curves softened, my belly swelled, and the crest between my legs wetted for any attention from my husband-to-be.

Zach knew what I wanted. He drew a nipple into his mouth. He suckled hard just to watch the goose bumps tickle over my skin. Every quick dip of his tongue zipped a spark of pure electricity through me. It clenched me from the inside out. I arched, but my belly knocked into his chin. He grinned.

“Liking that?” he asked.

“Don’t tease.”

“I’m not teasing. I’m savoring.”

I tapped my belly. “Savoring is what got me into this predicament in the first place.”

“I should have done it sooner.”

I laughed as he kissed a path over my tummy. He whispered a gentle word to the baby before edging down lower and lower. I squirmed into the mattress, ready to explode before he even touched me.

Nothing was better than this.

I ran my fingers through his hair, stilling over the few places where the scars of his surgeries still showed through. Zach didn’t like dwelling on the injuries. He quickly distracted me with a single lick to my aching, slickening slit.

I couldn’t move as quickly anymore, but he liked that. Easier for me to stay in one place for him to torment and delight. I groaned as his tongue danced over my most delicate areas, growing more and more sensitive as the days progressed. Every flick and kiss dazzled me with promised pleasure.

I hoped it would always be like this. Us. Together. In love. Enjoying each other’s bodies, relying on each other’s strength, eagerly waiting the start of our family.

It was perfect. Heaven. A fairy tale.

And it was mine.

Every single one of Zach’s kisses, and every time he drew me to that perfect peak.

We were together—kissing, embracing, delivering the other as much pleasure as we could handle.


I whimpered against Zach’s mouth. I didn’t want his tongue. I needed him. I craved a closeness only he could sate, and Zach never denied me—not while I carried his child and not while he promised how we belonged to the other.

He sealed his lips over my clit, chuckling as my body wetted for more of his skilled touch. He moved away, and I murmured a quick protest.

“Make up your mind,” he teased.

“Make love to me.”

“I’m ready to serve, ma’am.”

He snuggled beside me, spooning our bodies as the swell in my tummy was getting a little too big for our normal play. His cock pressed against my back—the same way I remembered from the first night we stole away to a bed.


He was always hard.

But I knew so much more about him now. Inside, he was a soft, perfect teddy bear. A devoted lover. A man so eager to be a father it surprised me each time he brought home a new toy, another camo onesie, a gadget the child wouldn’t be able to use for ten years. He loved the baby as much as he loved me.

And that was more than I ever imagined anyone could be loved.

It never ceased to amaze me.

I welcomed him inside me, each aching inch hotter and thicker than the last. He held me, breathing soft words of love and stark profanity that delighted me as much as his hot length. He bottomed out, and every teased nerve in my body lit as his arms circled around my breasts and under my bump. He drew me close, kissed my cheek, and thrust in and out of my wetness with such confidence it replaced my breath with a steady whimper of pleasure.

This was more than love. This was pure need. The connection both of us craved and the union   we never thought we’d find. I loved Zach more than I dared to speak, but he knew. Despite every fear and hesitation I once had, he understood me. I trusted him. I wanted him. And with the sparkling diamond on my finger, baby in my tummy, and beautiful words whispered into my ear, I had him.

And he had me.

Nothing would ever come between us again.

The pleasure rocked me. I groaned, squeezing his hand as his strokes quickened. I held him tight as he thrust completely within me, burying his cock as jet after jet of his seed coated me in warmth, protection, and desire. My peak followed. I moaned and welcomed the crashing bliss of his heat, his size, and his comforting arms.