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Branding the Virgin(7)

By:Alexa Riley

“It’s different,” I admit. Somehow I manage to keep my eyes trained on his face. God, he’s even bigger than I remember from yesterday. He’s hard all over, and in my peripheral vision I see that the hair on his chest matches his beard. He looks like he hasn’t shaved in a few days.

“We can get different shit if you want.” He keeps playing with my hair, and I hear a whispered, “What the fuck?” from Dolly. Seems everyone has a dirty mouth. My kid’s first word is going to be a curse.

“It’s not my home. I’m fine with whatever.” I mean, I’m only going to be here for a short time. It’s only supposed to be a part-time position, and who knows how things will blow once Ty finds out all my secrets. They’ll be showing sooner rather than later.

He releases my hair and reaches into his back jean pocket, pulling out his wallet. He takes out a credit card and tosses it onto the counter next to him.

Then he turns and leaves back down the hallway. “Do that Amazon shit. Don’t be leaving my ranch,” he throws over his shoulder. Like I could leave. He still has my freaking keys!

“Wow,” Dolly exhales as she walks over to the counter and picks up the credit card. “I’ve never once in my whole life gotten my brother to let me use his credit card. You’re here five seconds and he just hands it to you.”

“Brother?” I ask, feeling relieved. One less obstacle.

“Yep. And there’s more of them. I know you already met Blake—he’s been running his mouth about you all morning—but there’s still Trace. But no worries. Ty’s the only asshole of the bunch.” She laughs at her own joke, like Ty heard it, and that’s when I see the dimple. The one all the Jennings seem to have.

She hands me the card. I take it from her, but I don’t plan to use it. Unless that’s what he wants me to do. He hired me to take care of the house and help with the office. I guess I can get a few things. I think about all my stuff shoved away in a storage unit, things it took years to acquire to make a little home for myself. I feel a stab of sadness. I still have them, I remind myself. One step at a time.

“Told you. Those big bastards fall hard.” She winks and polishes off her coffee. “I just wanted to pop in and see if what Blake said was true. I’ll stop by later to poke the bear.” With that, she turns and walks out of the house, leaving me standing alone in the kitchen with no idea what I’m supposed to do.

Guess I’ll go find this office.



I hear Dolly head out the front door, and then hear Mary-Jane’s footsteps. When I hear the door to the office open, I can’t stay in my bedroom any longer. I wanted to get dressed and then get outside, but something is keeping me in the house.

I put on a button-up shirt, but leave it open while I pull on my boots and grab my hat. I walk to the office and give a knock on the open door, startling her. She turns around and bites her lip, and all I can think about is doing the same thing to it. Sinking my teeth into her full bottom lip and finding out what she tastes like.

My cock stirs in my tight jeans, and I can’t keep the rush of blood from hammering in my ears. I want her like I’ve never wanted anything in my life. Being in the same room with her is like climbing on a bull for the first time. I’m excited, nervous, and don’t know what to do with my hands.

I grip my hat and try to think of what to say as her eyes slide down my chest. I move the cowboy hat in front of my cock just before her eyes land on it and see how hard I am. Jesus, I’ve never been this uncontrolled before, and I hate how shook up she has me. I see her cheeks flush as she takes in my appearance, and I can’t say I’m not doing the same. My eyes roam down her dark curls to her exposed neck, and I think of licking the pulse there. Burying my nose in there and smelling her scent. I look to her cleavage that’s spilling out of the peach sundress, the ruffles on it only exaggerating how top heavy she is. I’ve got an image of her round ass burned in my brain from when I saw her from behind this morning. My eyes make their way back to her face and we catch each other staring

My mouth starts working before my brain has a chance to stop me. “Come ride me.”

If possible, her cheeks burn even redder and she looks away. “What?”

I clear my throat and try again. “Come out to the barn with me. You can see the horses and maybe go for a ride.” I want to kick myself in the ass for blurting out what my dick thought was appropriate, but I try to rein it in. “I can show you the office stuff later.”

“I, um, don’t know about riding a horse. But I’d like to see the ranch.” She looks up at me, and I see her hands twitch at her side like she wants to wring them together or hold on to something.