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Breaking Dragon(10)

By:Jordan Marie

I put the cold bottle of beer on my nuts, because damn it all to hell I needed to. I’m pissed off, but at the same time I am intrigued as hell. I like the battle. Nicole didn’t know it, but she is waving a red flag in front of a bull and I’m going to fucking charge.

Chapter 4


It had been a week. One week of Dragon coming in either flirting or just being broody as hell. Sad as it was, I am fast getting addicted to both. Sometimes he came in with men he called Crusher and Gunner and sometimes with a huge ass bald man he calls Bull. Tonight it was Bull. He actually is my favorite. He rarely speaks, but it was a challenge to try and get him too. It had become a game for me. Tonight, I figure Bull will win, but that is only because I will be more distracted by Dragon than normal. This is hard to believe, even for me, but sadly true. I know this because I watch them come in and Dragon just looks so damned good tonight. He is wearing a sky blue t-shirt that stretches across his torso like a glove. He has on faded almost white, blue jeans and those brown eyes are even more intense. I don’t bother to go ask for their order. I know the drill by now.

“Hey boys, you’re running late tonight.” I say, trying to avoid looking into Dragon’s eyes. I lay down two house brews and winked at Bull. As usual, he says nothing but it seems like his eyes might have danced a little. Probably not, but I wanted to think so.


I swallow almost afraid to look. Dragon and I have been doing this dance for awhile now. I knew and he did too, by this point it is going to happen. I am weakening. He makes my legs weak and I want a taste of whatever he keeps promising.

The only thing holding me back is I’m just a little afraid of him. He is a player and I am a novice with men. One thing I am totally and definitely sure of is Dragon will leave his mark on me. I’m just not sure how deep it will go and that unknown is why I am trying to fight it. I’m weakening though and I know Dragon senses that.

“Dragon,” I say, hoping like hell I sound bored and not the bundle of nerves I actually am.

“We need to quit playing this game Mama.”

“I agree. You should give up and go find a Twinkie.” I say boldly, even though it kills me. Part of me wishes he would because that would give me an excuse to say no, when I really want to say yes.

I walk off going over to another table, before I beg him not to do that. The table is full of some regulars who come in to drink and wind down after a hard day of working on a local farm. They are nice enough guys. They tip well and are fun to be around. One of them, Seth has asked me out. He is good looking, in a young cowboy kind of way, with sunny blonde hair and mischievous green eyes. Had I not been hung up on Dragon, I would have said yes a week ago. Trouble is I am totally hung up on Dragon. It is taking all I have not to demand another kiss from him, or to give in to his numerous advances. Each time he finds a reason to put his hand on my back or my hip, each time he tucks a stray strand of hair behind my ear, each time he says my name in his gravelly voice…each time…each fucking time, I want to jump on him and ride him like a horse in the Kentucky Derby!

“Nicole, woman when are you going to feel sorry for a broken down ole’ cow hand and go out with me?”

I laugh, I couldn’t keep from it. I actually do like Seth. He just doesn’t make my whole body come alive like Dragon did.

“Aw, Seth I don’t think I could handle you, babe,” I say with my ole shucks sass which seems to up my tips.

It was either that or the way my breasts kept trying to bust out of my shirt. I was trying to be optimistic.

“Maybe not girl, but I’d make sure you’d enjoy trying.” Seth replies easily as I gather up the empty bottles.

“You guys want another round?”

“Nah Sweetheart, stock sale is tomorrow, so I gotta get in early. Give me your pen.” Seth answered.

I reach behind my ear where I keep my pen perched and hand it to him. He scribbles something down on a drink napkin and gives it to me, along with the pen.

“There. Call me. A bunch of us are planning on spending Saturday night out at Holly Bay under the stars.”

I think he can see the no coming because he holds his hand up in a ‘stop’ motion.

“Think it over, love to get to know you better babe, no pressure.”

Yep I would totally go out with him if not for the tall, dark, broody man who I just knew at this very moment was behind me. I knew this because he reaches around and takes the napkin out of my hand and rips it up. The pieces fall on the table with a few drifting down to the floor. I concentrate on those pieces until they hit, trying to figure out how to handle this situation.