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Breaking Dragon(2)

By:Jordan Marie

We did okay there, working to save every bit of money we could until we had enough to make a big move. Three hours away might not be a big move for some, but it sure as hell was for us. We pooled our money and had the rent paid for three months plus the safety deposit. We had enough to stock the fridge good and live and pay utilities until we got paid from our new jobs. Roy had a friend who worked as a manager for Wolves Den and got us interviews. We nailed the jobs and told them we needed two weeks to give our former employers notice. We didn’t really, but it takes time to move and get settled. It happened so quickly once we made the decision, that my head is still kind of dizzy, but I’m happy. I looked over at my best friend for life and smiled—really happy.

“Hey, I’m thirsty!” Dani hollered.

“We’re just thirty minutes or so away!” I yelled back, not crazy about stopping.

“Big damn deal, let’s get some drinks and chocolate girl!” She yelled back.

I frowned and looked down at my gas gauge. I could use some gas. I gave my signal to get over and took the upcoming exit. We had to take it anyway to get to where our new home would be. So off I go. We pulled into the first gas station I saw. I cut the engine off and pushed my hands through my hair shaking it out, because hello, interstate driving, convertible. Enough said.

“Whatcha’ want bitch?” Dani asked and I shake my head at her. She’s yelling over the music. Ludacris is blasting through the speakers.

“Pepsi, fountain if they have it,” I yell back, looking around. I notice there’s a bunch of men on bikes by the entrance, and they’re looking over at us laughing as I open the door, cutting off Ludacris as he screams out about his woman riding his dick. I can feel the heat rising up in my face and turn my eyes from them immediately. Shit!

Our “on the road” play list is very eclectic and the Ludacris’ offering is one of Dani’s choices. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. I like a bit of naughty and I like the beat, but it’s not my usual thing. Lorde’s Team is next. That’s me, but what the hell. I don’t know the men that are laughing, maybe they aren’t even laughing at me. It felt like they were though. I hate this about me. I am so self-conscious I automatically take things personally and find myself lacking. Dani isn’t like that. She’d flip the bikers off and go about her business. I wanted to be like that. I just had never achieved it. They are laughing harder now, but I turn around to the pump and run my card through and ignore them. In my mind I’m wondering if my ass is hanging out of my cut offs and if that’s why they are laughing. Can they see the small catsup stain on my pink shirt from the fries we had shared in the car earlier? I set the pump to go on its own and start cleaning the trash out of the car. I’m mostly trying to keep myself busy and ignoring the bikers. It takes awhile; my conclusion is that my girl and I are pigs.

I walk over to the garbage can and throw the crap in. When a deep gravelly voice from behind me sends chills up my back.

“Damn I’ve heard of it, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.” I turn slowly and look up to see one of the bikers standing in front me. I bite my lip and move back a small step. I ground my teeth into one corner of my lip and my hands go to the back pockets of my shorts as I take him in, and damn there is a lot to take in. Holy Mother of God, standing before me is a man that towers over me. He’s at least a good 6’4” or 6’5”. His mocha skin glistens in the sun and he’s wearing a black t-shirt that’s worn to the point it’s almost gray, and over that he has on a leather vest. Weird, because it’s like eighty freaking degrees today, but I can’t deny it’s sexy. I think maybe he could wear a feed sack and it’d be sexy.

The vest has the word Savage written on it in dark red letters and underneath it looks like a rabid wolf. It’s kind of scary looking. Underneath that is the word President. I move my eyes up from his massive chest and the biceps covered in tattoo’s, to look into the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen in my life. They are a deep, dark, sparkling brown, and I think I could drown in them and be happy. His hair was cut short to his head with just enough left you wanted to see how the texture would feel against your skin.

I let go of my lips and lick them because my whole mouth has gone dry.

The god before me would be a good way to let go and experience life.

Bad Nicole whispers in my head, and the sane part of me agrees. I wouldn’t mind a piece of what stands before me, not that I’d ever have a chance of holding onto him, but still.

“What’s that?” I ask and shit does my voice sound breathless.