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Breaking Dragon(3)

By:Jordan Marie

“A barefoot Kentucky girl,” he says.

I look down at my feet, realizing I left my flip flops in the car. I hate shoes and I absolutely hate driving with shoes on. I tend to wrap my toes around the pedals of a car and you can’t do that with shoes on. I forget to put them back on all the time. I once went to the grocery store and got all the way there before I noticed I was barefooted.

I look back at him and turn my head to the side in what I hoped was a flirty action.

“You must be new to Kentucky.” I’m feeling warm all over; can he see the heat rising on my face?

“No Mama. Been here awhile seen a lot of girls, in a lot of places. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen one pumping gas barefoot.”

“Glad I could be your first.” I grin, wondering if he could pick up on the sexual innuendo. I’m subtle, way too subtle sometimes, as Dani likes to remind me constantly.

His lush, full lips widen into a smile and his bright white teeth are visible for a minute. It’s a good smile. Damn good.

“What’s your name Twinkie?” He asks. The boys with him laugh harder. I don’t know why, maybe it was just a sixth sense, but I don’t think I like that name. Now when he had called me Mama? I’m pretty sure I drenched my panties.

“Does it matter?” I ask a little confused with the situation coming at me.

“I like to know the name of the woman who took my virginity.” He quipped, his long arm leaning against the post by the gas pump.

Guess that means he picked up on my innuendo. Only now with his boys laughing, I got the feeling this was some kind of game, and that disappointed me. I had been the butt of too many jokes, way too often, mostly because of my size.

The pump kicked off and I reached down to take the nozzle out when he did it for me. His hand brushed mine. I felt a charge of electricity at that small touch and my nipples harden in reaction. Damn, that had never happened before and this guy was the wrong person for it to be happening with.

“How about you just call me mystery, that way you won’t get me confused with the millions of girls that come after me,” I smiled, though it probably didn’t reach my eyes, but he wouldn’t know that.

“Damn Nic, when I said I wanted chocolate you didn’t have to go all out bitch. Hello there Tall Dark and Do me all over.” Dani piped up, as I closed the gas lid and shook my head.

I turn back around to see him look Dani up and down and I don’t miss the interest flair in his eyes. I sigh, yep no competing with Dani. I take my pop from her hand while she is still staring at stud muffin.

“Dani meet Stud, Stud meet Dani. I popped his cherry while you were in the store,” I say walking around to the driver’s side of the car. The men laugh harder, I continue to ignore them. Dani laughs and opens the door, careful not to hit him as she gets in; I notice he closes her door. Damn. Yeah, that’s jealousy I feel, dang it. Stud doesn’t move away either. His hands are firmly propped on the passenger door and he leans in the window. Damn Dani and her sexy size eights. Still, when I look up, his eyes are on me.

“Me and my crew,” he said, and jerks his head in the direction of the men who had finally stopped laughing, “are having a party this Tuesday. You girls should come. It’s the least you can do for stealing my virginity and all Nicole. I was saving that,” he said stressing my name to let me know he had it now.

“Sorry Stud, we just moved and have some stuff to do before we start work Friday.” I reply, starting up the car. Immediately, Ludacris fills the air again, but I reach down and mute it quickly.

“Where are you working?” He asks looking straight at me and I wonder if for a minute I mistook his interest in Dani, but then I realize he’s sizing us both up. He’s a player, a total player—disappointing, but not surprising.

“Wolves Den,” I say putting the car in drive, but I keep my foot on the brake. His smile grows and he walks around the front of the car and slaps the hood.

“Maybe I’ll see you around sometime then Twinkie.”

“Sorry I don’t do repeats, it’s hard to beat that first time.” I reply waiting for him to move past the hood so I can go on.

“Now that’s damned disappointing. Maybe I can show you some things get better with practice,” he purrs.

“It’s nice you believe in miracles. Good to know I didn’t take all your innocence,” I return. He barely clears my car before I give it some gas and pull out from the pumps intent on getting away.

“Be seeing you soon.”

I ignore that warning and the chills it sends down my spine and turn the sound back up on my radio. By this time Creep from Radiohead, is on so I crank it high.