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Breaking Dragon(5)

By:Jordan Marie


Bad Nicole orders in my head. She seems to be coming out to play more and more around this man, and I only met him thirty minutes ago! If that!

“There’s no way in hell!” I growl, as he puts me down on the small cement square in front of the back door.

Liar! Bad Nicole chided.

I really need to find a way to slap that bitch.

“Oh yeah there is Mama, and something else you should know, before I’m through you’re going to be begging me to spank you harder.”

My face jerks back like he had hit me. Seriously? Did he just say that to me? I would have argued, but he picks that moment to grab me by the back of the head and pull me to him. My hands come up between us, to try and pull away. He is too strong, or I didn’t really try—one of those. He slams his lips against mine. He slides his mouth over mine possessively. I grind my teeth together refusing to open for him. His tongue teases along the inside of my bottom lip. It feels good. It feels divine, yet somehow I had the wherewithal to not open my mouth.

Because you’re stupid!

Bad Nicole should seriously go back into hibernation.

Stud must have got impatient. I can feel his hand moving between us. It leaves a heated path though my shirt along my stomach, his touch is gentle but oh so commanding. I would be lying if I didn’t admit my resistance is melting. It so was, but in the end that didn’t matter. His hand reaches up to my chest and he places that big warm palm over my right breast. Moisture begins pooling in my panties and I can feel heat moving through my body and centering on all the pleasure receptors in my body. I am preparing to have them blown sky high when he twists my nipple between his fingers. The jolt of pain was so intense I gasp. It’s the opening he wanted. He pushes his tongue in my mouth, finding mine and teasing it, drawing it out to play with his. I am helpless to stop it. A woman would have to be dead not to respond to this man’s kiss. Our tongues dance and tangle. I can’t stop my moan that releases into his mouth. It is a mere vibration, barely a whisper of a sound, but it gives him all the encouragement he needs. I know that by the way his thumb brushes over the erect nipple he had inflicted pain on earlier. My arms circle around his neck as my body pushes in. I need to get closer to him.

I push my fingers into his hair, the texture abrasive and exactly as I imagined. I’m trying to get his mouth closer, even though that is physically impossible. I want to devour him. The kiss turns up another notch, hell another ten notches. His hands move down to my ass cupping it, kneading it and bringing me up his body. His hard cock pushes where I need it most. I’m not sure what would have happened next. I think I might have let him fuck me right there on the porch. I was that ready, that needy, that willing to go there. Until the hoots and hollers from his friends start, my body locks and I pull away, regretfully. I look into his warm dark chocolate eyes and I have to catch my breath at the beauty.

His fingers bite into my ass. I realize I had pushed my thighs into the side of his like a wanton hussy, but seriously that’s what he made me into. I might as well own it. I push against his shoulders and release my legs so he would put me down. Luckily Bad Nicole was as speechless as me.

Stud watches me and somehow his eyes get darker. Oh they looked good before, but now I melt, and from the sticky wetness between my legs? I could honestly say I mean that literally.

I tear my eyes from him and look down at his feet. I feel heat enter my cheeks as the men with him keep ragging at us. He lowers me back to the ground slowly, my heart pounding, beating hard and echoing in my ears.

I step back the minute my feet hit concrete. My fingers come up to my swollen lips, as the world begins to right itself. In the background I can hear the boys making comments. I’m sure it would embarrass me to death, but I can’t concentrate. I glance at him and then try to look away, but can’t seem to pull my eyes away.

“You should come by the club tonight Twinkie…me and the boys are just right up the road. We could show you and your girl a real good time,”

I blinked. My brain was addled. We? He didn’t mean that the way it sounded. Right?

“The club?” I ask confused, trying to focus my thoughts, but that was easier said than done.

“Yeah babe, me and the boys are the Savage MC. Our clubhouse is up the road about fifteen miles. Just take the left by the old barn and follow the road till it veers left…not that hard to find. We’re always looking for new Twinkies. You and your girl would fit right in. I’ll even make sure you enjoy it personally,” he said twirling my hair around his finger.

“I…you….” I stopped. I had been looking forward to this man blowing my mind; I just didn’t think it would be like this. Damn him telling me this…makes me feel raw inside. It hurts. I can feel embarrassment flooding through me. I hadn’t been exposed to that kind of thing, but I did read romance novels. I loved reading Motorcycle Club erotica even. What girl didn’t? In my books I had heard club women referred to as muffler bunnies, mattress monkeys, sweet butts, candy, club toys, and a million other things. They all rounded down to one word. Whore! I had never heard Twinkies, but I could imagine it was one in the same.