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Breaking Dragon(6)

By:Jordan Marie

“We could make all your hot little wicked fantasies come true baby--every last fucking one, no matter how filthy.” He leans down and whispers in my ear.

I pull away from him like his touch burns, and damn it all to hell it did!

After three steps back I look around to see his men in the background behind my car all smiling, leering and joking. I see Dani get away from the guy who had given her a ride. She walks behind me and Stud with a strange look on her face. She takes the key we had been mailed and opens the door and stands there waiting.

“What makes you think we’re looking to be Twinkies?” I ask evenly. I was proud of myself because you couldn’t hear the hurt in my voice.

“C’mon babe, no one lights up in a man’s arms as quick as you do unless she’s hot for it. No shame babe. You want to piss off your rich ass parents? You won’t be the first. Just so happens this time I happen to like the idea of helping you make that goal.”

He sounds so cocky and looks so sure of himself. How could I have forgotten my earlier thoughts? Player---total player.

“Sorry to disappoint you Stud, but it hasn’t been my life’s dream to be a Savage chew toy. Also, I ceased to care what my parents thought of me a couple of years ago, when I pissed them off for the last time. You should run home now, I’m sure you have…Twinkies was it? Twinkies there to take care of all your wicked little fantasies!”

With that I turn around. I thought it was a good line. I am proud of myself. I can tell by Dani’s smile she was too. But Stud, won’t let it pass. He grabs my hand to pull me back around.

“You can’t deny what you were offering Mama. A man can only go by what you put out there.”

I take a deep breath. I pull my hand so he gets the message to let me go. He does, but he gives me a look that makes it plain he isn’t about to leave until we have this (whatever this was) out.

“First of all, if I remember correctly you started calling me Twinkie before I offered you jack shit. In fact, I don’t believe I have yet to offer you anything Stud. So please stop wasting my time and yours. Run along,” I say making a movement with my hand like I was scurrying away a dog. Heck he is most assuredly a dog.

“Babe, that kiss you sure as hell offered and you were definitely sending out those vibes earlier.”

“Oh my God! I was flirting! Women do that when they think someone standing before them is hot!” He grins and I swear at that moment I want to slap the shit out of him. How could someone you just met make you feel such a range of emotions?

“And besides that,” I continue, before I gave into the urge to kill him, “it was just a damn kiss.” I hold up my hand when he starts to argue with me. “It was a fucking kiss, nothing else! I don’t even know your name for God sake!”

I turn to the door when his voice stops me, “Dragon.”

“What?” I ask, looking over my shoulder to ask.

“My name is Dragon.”

“I seriously doubt that, but in either case it doesn’t matter as I won’t be using it.”

“Learn it Mama. Cause trust me, you will be fucking screaming it out and soon.”

I ignore him. I mean really, what can you say to that…especially when my body wanted to agree with him. I make it inside the kitchen and slam the door. I lean against it and look at Dani. We stare at each other a minute and then Dani grins.

“So, that was interesting.” She deadpans.

I look at her like she had just grown three heads. We hear the bikes start up outside and then slowly we both start laughing, as I sink to the floor on my ass.

Chapter 2


My boys and I pull into the club and I don’t talk. They’re still laughing their asses off, hell I would be too if it had happened to Crusher or one of the other men.

I stomp into the club and go to the bar and look over at the prospect, “Jack.” I bark.

He nods, puts a glass in front of me and pours it in.

“Leave the bottle.”

He did as told, and goes back to wiping the glasses he’s stocking on the shelves behind the bar.

Crusher, my VP and best friend, saddles up beside me on the stool. He doesn’t talk. I know he is dying too. Crusher and I had been through some tough shit. He has always had my back and though I trust all my brothers, Crusher is someone special to me. We had forged a bond in blood. It would stand till the world stopped.

“She’s a hot little piece.” Crusher says, as the prospect puts a glass down in front of him. He grabs my bottle and pours himself a drink. Bastard!

I grunt, finishing off my drink and pouring another one. My mind keeps flashing back to that kiss. That damn fucking kiss and how it felt to have my hands full of that thick ass. I’m still hard thinking about her. I have screwed the pooch with the way I handled things. I wasn’t about to let go till I got my taste though, that was just fact. She’s not anything I ever thought of nailing to be honest. I mean she is sexy as fuck but I never went for the rich bitches. Hell, I never went for any kind really. I nailed the pussy at the club and let it go. My life was too fucked up to think about attaching myself to one woman and I sure as hell wasn’t the type to date. I was thirty-six years old, I have never been on a fucking date, never imagined going on one. I never would. In my life you were lucky to be alive and survive, that’s the way it has always been and appeared to be how life was made for me. Miss Nicole’s fucking shoes probably cost more than my bike. Not that it bothers me. The club makes sure we all have a good fucking life as far as money, but I sure wasn’t into that high brow shit. In fact, it’d be best if I forget the bitch exists. Except when I saw her standing at the gas station barefooted with that luscious round ass barely contained in her cut off jeans and those damned tits looking so juicy, I had to get closer and that hasn’t changed.