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Breaking Dragon(7)

By:Jordan Marie

When she started driving towards the club? I couldn’t help myself. I had to check her out further. The last thing I expected was the punch that kiss had delivered. I could still taste her on my lips and fuck me, I wanted a deeper taste.

“You gonna push it?” I knew what Crusher was asking. What I didn’t know was the answer.

“Fuck if I know.” I answer honestly.

“Let me know if you don’t.” He says evenly. I look up at him.

“Hey man. She’s damned fine.”

“She’s got trouble written all over her.” I’m not feeling his interest at-fucking-all.

“Yeah but what a trip, some things are worth the trouble man. She caught on fire for you. I’d like to see how deep that fire runs.”

I want to slam my fist in his head. How fucked up is that? Fuck yeah, she had caught on fire. I was the lucky bastard who got to feel it. I was damned glad he hadn’t--- I might have been forced to kill him.

“Hey Dragon, you looking for some company,” Tash asks, coming up behind me and hanging on my back.

She is a club whore and I had used her a few times. She was clean and knew how to ride a man’s cock, which was about the only requirement of club Twinkies. She wasn’t much to look at in the face and her body was too damned boney to suit me---but she was tight. I smile thinking about Nicole, little spit fire didn’t like the idea of being club pussy…I like the sass she showed.

“Nah, Tash why don’t you see to my brother here. I got things on my mind girl.” I watch as Crusher’s eyebrow shoots up. He knew what the fuck I was about. I wanted him to tire himself out so he’d quit thinking of Nicole. He laughs and the sound grates on my nerves. Tash walks over and slams her lips down on Crusher’s. Crusher took the kiss and moved his hand up under the barely there mini dress she had on, pushing it so her naked ass was hanging out. Easy access was a must with club whores, most of our men didn’t like waiting for it.

Crusher stands up slapping my shoulder. “She starts work next week at the club man, let me know before then or she’s free game.”


I take a breath, turn and look out over my club and men. We are a fucking rag tag bunch. Crusher, Irish, Gunner, Bull, Freak, Dancer and Me made up the seven original members of Savage Brothers. We are all brothers, having grown up on the streets and sifting through the system. We learned to depend on no one but ourselves and now our brothers. We had brought in Twist and Striker. A move I was beginning to think might bite us in the ass. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about either of them.

We had been low on members when Dancer got sent to the big house. He shot and killed a man who had been trying to rape some chick in an alley. Unfortunately for Dancer, it had been in a county we didn’t own and the son of a bitch turned out to be the sheriff’s brother. Prosecution made it look like the girl had been a whore, maybe she was—I didn’t know. I heard she was living a couple of counties over working at a department store. I did know my brother got a raw ass deal. He was currently serving out a fifteen year sentence. We had a club lawyer working on an appeal, since the man had been holding a knife on the girl and came after Dancer with it, I was hoping it worked. Dancer fucking couldn’t stand being locked behind bars. I worried about him and at my last visit something had been off. I’m afraid he is close to losing his shit.

We had four prospects right now and so far I wasn’t particularly impressed. I fill my glass again, last time though. I need a clear head to figure out what the fuck is going on with me. How do you become obsessed with a woman you just met? Someone that was completely unlike anyone you had ever wanted before? Maybe all I need is to get laid and work out the tension.

There were two Twinkies dancing on the poles in the middle of the room. The twins, I don’t know their names, we just called them the twins. They answered. They weren’t in fact twins, though they both had fake tits, black, black hair and milky white skin. Good looking women but the best damn thing about them was they liked to tag team a man or men as the case was now. I watch them twist and turn and rub against each other as Frog, Hawk and Gunner start playing with them.

My dick doesn’t even twitch. In fact it seems to deflate from the semi hard on I had left over from the Rich Bitch. Yeah, that was a better name for her. It reminds me of why I shouldn’t have a damn thing to do with her.

My attention turns to Lips--a mocha skinned, hot little minx with an ass that was fucking fantastic. I knew exactly how that ass felt wrapped around my dick too and bonus, Lips, was a screamer. She sees me staring at her and I enjoy watching the way her breasts bounce under that white t-shirt she’s wearing. She had on a black thong. I admit, she is one well put together woman. She wasn’t like the other club whores either. She liked sex, lots of sex and made no apologies for it. I respected it in a way. Part of me always wondered about making her an old lady. Not because of any great connection, but sometimes I thought about settling down with a chick that was all mine. I shared from time to time; it was fucking hot to watch a woman pushed to her limits with two men. I fucking loved it. Still, that shit wasn’t me in the long term. If a condom ever fucking let me down, I wanted to know whatever was planted in the woman was mine. Lately I had been thinking more and more of that. I think if I did take an old lady I’d have to make sure she couldn’t fucking have kids. I sure as hell didn’t know what on Earth to do with them anyway.