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Breaking Dragon(8)

By:Jordan Marie

“Hey baby. You look like you could use some loving tonight.” Lips purrs, and slides up on my lap.

She grinds that round ass against my cock and he perks up with interest. She bends down and kisses along the side of my neck. It feels good, really damn good. Just one problem, as hot as she was…she wasn’t what was on my mind right now.

“Maybe later, got some shit to do right now.” I said, kissing her shoulder to let her down gently.

“I’ll hold you to that Dragon.” She says regretfully, heading back to where the other boys were playing cards.

Tonight was a quiet night. Club party nights were usually on Mondays and Tuesdays. We stayed busy with the clubs and other businesses the rest of the time. Tonight was Sunday and the clubs are closed. It is the middle of the day. There will probably be a small party here tonight, but I don’t want to stay. Ever since the kiss with that little hot number, I was antsy. I feel like I am crawling out of my skin. Would it be stalking if I went back down to her house? I mean, technically the club owns the house. Wasn’t it my duty to see she she settles in okay?

I should have had a prospect clean the damn place up. I had forgotten Irish had rented it out to be honest. Maybe I’ll take a few prospects with me tomorrow and get them to cut the grass and shit. Might help thaw out her ass. Why the fuck I want her thawed out I don’t know, but I do just the same.

Chapter 3


It’s around one the next day. Sad truth was I had barely waited till now to hunt Nicole down. I had actually meant to get started earlier but my fucking VP wouldn’t let it alone. So here I am pulling up to Nicole’s house with two prospects and Crusher. I don’t want Crusher here, but the asshole wouldn’t stay behind. I could have insisted, but fuck I wasn’t ready to understand why I didn’t like it! I sure as hell wasn’t ready to show how fucked up in the head I am about this girl.

The chick that was with Nicole yesterday is out on the front porch with her legs kicked out on the banister. Her hair was swept back in a pony tail and she looked good in her cotton shorts and tank top. She grins when she sees us. Too bad my dick wasn’t interested in her. I had a feeling I’d make it in there a lot easier than I will with Nicole. Damn cock didn’t even jerk though. For the most part it hadn’t come to life at all last night, despite the promise of a night with Lips. If Nicole could do that to me after one kiss, what the hell would happen when I manage to get more?

“Well lookie here. What brings you boys back out our way?” The chick asks, bringing a coffee cup to her lips.

“Thought you girls could use some help cleaning this shit up.” I answer trying to look around to see where Nicole was.

“Well that would be nice.” She replies, watching me closely.

“Where’s your girl?”

“One of the servers quit at the Den and they needed her to start today instead of Friday. She’s working the lunch and dinner shift.”

Shit. “Yo! Frog,” I yell. Frog comes up to stand beside me. “This here is Frog, he’s due to be patched in next month. Anything you want done, Frog and the other two over there will do it.”

I don’t give her a chance to reply. I went to my bike and hopped on. Unfortunately, I saw Crusher doing the same. Motherfucker!

“Hey, Dragon?”

I look up at the dark haired minx I knew was laughing at me, even if not right out in front of my face.

“Where are you headed?”

I ignore her, not bothering to answer. I just start my bike and the bitch actually laughs out loud. I flip her off and she laughs harder. I’m starting to like her. Go figure.

It takes thirty minutes for me and my boy to reach the Den. The bar hangs back on the Tennessee line and was the first Adult Club we opened up. During the day it is mostly a regular bar with food and drinks served. At night, we keep at least two dancers up on the bar where poles are installed. It did damn good business, and between it and the other three businesses Savage MC owns, the club has mostly gone legit. We still have our fingers in some shit though. I do that just to keep the bigger charter out of our territory and keep them further down in Georgia.

I know Nicole has no idea the club owns this place, or the house she rented. Hell she was so clueless she probably doesn’t realize the club owns the damned town.

I walk in leaving Crusher to follow behind me. Irish is behind the bar. He jerks his head in greeting. I look around to see if I could spot Nicole and fuck me! There she is. I suddenly hate the outfits the waitresses wear. Shorts so damned tiny the globes of her ass hang out even more than the day before. She has a tight little black tank top that shows the sides of her tits. Fuck a man could get hypnotized with the way they sway when she walks. I sit down at a table in the back and watch as Crusher slowly makes his way to me. Bastard, I should rename the asshole.