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Breaking Dragon(9)

By:Jordan Marie

“Get your goddamned eyes back in your head before I knock them back in,” I growl when he eye fucks Nicole the minute he catches sight of her.

Crusher tears his eyes from her and looks at me. Then he laughs his ass off. Yep, Bastard is his new fucking name.

“Seem awful territorial there Prez.”

Yeah so what? I thought, I didn’t say it. I was too busy watching Nicole come over to our table. She stumbles when she sees me, but to her credit she keeps coming.

“Boys,” she says. “You need a menu?”

“Two beers, house brand,” I answer quietly, watching her. Her tongue darts out and her face takes on a light blush. She licks her lips and I nearly groan at the way my dick instantly springs up demanding attention. She stares at me for a minute and then takes off back towards the bar. I get to her. The thought registers and satisfaction thrums through me. My body, which had been dead, is currently sporting a raging hard on.

“I take it you’re staking a claim?” Crusher says, and I can hear the disappointment in his voice. It pisses me off. Crusher is a good looking fucker, even I could admit that. If he pressed it--would blondie pick him over me? I was rough around the edges, while Crusher was smooth and easy going. Just the type a rich little girl would prefer.

I nod looking him straight in the eye, and daring him to argue. I am not about to give him the chance to move in. She doesn’t have a choice. She’s not going to have one. Nicole is mine. She just doesn’t know it yet. Maybe I’d let Crusher have her when I am done. I totally ignore the sour taste that thought leaves in me.


“Are we going to have trouble over this shit?” I growl, watching the woman in question make her way through the room, towards our table.

“I’ll stand back, but if she doesn’t bite, she’s fair game.”

Not what I want to hear from the fucker, but more than I figured he would give me. I might be his best friend and his President, but when it came to women, he was a wild card at best.

“Here ya’ go boys, two Bourbon Barrel Ales. Can I get you anything else?”

“Sit and talk for a bit Mama.”

“Sorry I can’t. Don’t want to make a bad impression on my boss.”

She starts to turn around but I grab her wrist and haul her ass down on my lap. She tightens her body and her nails dig into the arm I have currently wrapped around her waist, holding her down. I keep her from getting up, because I know if I let go she will run.

“Yo, Irish! Nicole’s out of commission for a few.”

“Got it Boss man.”

Nicole looks back at me then back toward Irish. She huffs and her blue eyes go large and wide, as understanding hits her.

“Do you always get what you want?”

“Usually,” I answer honestly.

“So you own this place?” She asks and her nails stop biting into my arm. Fuck me! Did it make me more appealing if she knows I have money too? That tastes like bitter shit right there.

“The club does.”

She eyes me up and down. I hate that my having money impresses her, but the way she just wiggled her thick, perfect ass on my lap is driving me crazy. I could drive nails with my cock by this point.

She turns so she is straddling my lap, her hands come up around my neck and she pulls my face in closer. I grab hold of her hips and pull her down harder on me. Fuck yeah.

She moves her index finger along the side of my jaw line and down my neck. Her face moves closer to my ear and I can feel her hot breath.

“Mmm…Dragon do you know what you’re doing to me right now?” I feel her teeth bite into the side of my ear.

“Carrying you into the back and fucking you seven ways to Sunday?” I answer, my eyes mesmerized on her breasts, as she rotates her hips against my body.

She pulls up on my lap so one leg is on the floor and bends the other so her knee is along the top of my thigh. Fuck why did I ever think she was innocent? There’s nothing innocent about the way….

“Giving me a damned good sexual harassment lawsuit you asshole!” She growls and then pushes her knee into my crotch. It wasn’t as hard as it could have been, but damn it hurt.

She pulls away, grabs her tray and turns her back on me.

“Irish, I’m back on duty.”

“Got it Nicole,” he says and I knew he was laughing, but I couldn’t hear him over Crusher.

Crusher laughs so hard he has tears coming out of his eyes.

“Fuck that was fun to watch. I think I’m in love,” Crusher said as he watches the little witch sashay around the bar taking orders. She has obviously been a waitress before. She was damn good at it. Why a girl who drives a Mercedes is working as a waitress is beyond me. She is a puzzle and hell if that doesn’t make her more interesting. There’s also the fact she resists when I usually have bitches begging for me.