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Captured by the Bodyguard(10)

By:Dez Burke


Alexandra was staring steadily into the camera at the top edge of her laptop as she addressed the image of her father who was presently halfway across the world at some business conference. “Dad, seriously. I don’t need to be so closely watched. You and I know I’m in no real danger. It’s been two weeks now and I still maintain that the last thing I require is a personal bodyguard cramping my style and making me look like some over-pampered twat.”

“Language, sweetheart,” her father said warningly, then sighed. “And we definitely don’t know for sure about anything – so I’m not about to take any risks when it’s so easy to be careful. Hutchinson stays.”

Alexandra muffled a curse. “Dad, please! It’s really becoming unbearable. I can’t handle this on top of everything else especially this being my last few months before I finish with my Master’s program…”

“Alex, it’s not my wish that you should feel in any way stressed. But this is necessary to my peace of mind if nothing else. You’re all I have in this world and it’s my duty to ensure that no harm comes to you.”

Alexandra sighed; there it was again. Her father liked playing that ‘you’re my baby’ card too much. She was a fully grown woman, and he had to stop treating her like a kid. “I know I’m your only child but I hardly think I’m all you have,” she said wryly. “I mean, considering you own a third of the city and have your finger in every pie from energy to manufacturing and computers…”

“You know none of that means anything compared to you, my dear. You will always be my daughter and so long as I have the means to keep you safe, then I will. What’s the problem you have with Hutchinson anyway? Has he acted in any way that’s inappropriate?” Donel Duke asked with a sharpened tone.

Alexandra rolled her eyes, turning away slightly. “No Dad; he’s been the consummate professional at all times,” she said with a thin smile. Which was the truth; Mr. Ice Cube had never done anything out of place or even looked at her the wrong way even once. She had to have imagined the few times his moss-green eyes with those amber flecks had darkened when they fell on her but that was it. He was always cool, calm and collected.

No; the problem’s all me, Alexandra thought with inner self-anger.

If she was in any danger, then it was the danger of falling in hot, pounding lust with her damnably attractive bodyguard.

He only had to get within five feet of her and her body started humming. And even when he touched her lightly, be it to guide her with his hand planted on the small of her back, or taking a gentle hold of her elbow, the impression of that contact lingered on for hours after. Alexandra had never ever felt so drawn to a man and it was frustrating- and quite frankly, pathetic.

Especially when she had no clue what went on in his mind about her. Did he feel the same pull? Judging by the way he acted around her, probably not, she mused with hidden annoyance mixed in with amusement at her conflicting thoughts.

Her father looked pleased after her last statement, rubbing his palms together. “Then we’ll have no more talk of letting go of your personal bodyguard. Cane Hutchinson will remain in charge of your security and you’ll listen to him and do just as he tells you. You’ll be under his control until I can be sure there’s no more threat to you.”

Alexandra’s eyes were snapping as she declared angrily, “I agree to let him do whatever he needs to do as far as the job is concerned but no way will I be under his control!” She knew she was acting childish a bit but she was getting sick of not getting her way. Bit by bit she was losing hold on her own life and it was irksome. “And why on earth did we have to Skype instead of talking on the phone like regular folks?”

Her father merely shook his head at her tantrum. “Just don’t put yourself in danger, that’s all I ask.” He paused, then added quietly, “You do know I love you?”

Alexandra sighed, the anger in her chest easing. “Yes, I do. And I love you too.”

Her expression was sober when she finally spun from the blank screen. She had to go with the mess her world had become and hoped it would get back to normal, and not too soon.

Chapter Five

Cane stepped out on the balcony his room shared with Alexandra’s, doing some last checks and catching the soft breeze. He found himself looking to the side at Alexandra’s windows - when he noticed her walk into her room and turn on the lights.

Outside was dark so he was sure she couldn’t see him. Cane paused as he realized he had a clear view through the big windows thanks to the open blinds. How many times had he warned her about closing the fucking blinds?