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Captured by the Bodyguard(3)

By:Dez Burke

She spun her gaze from the flowers and back to him. Cane had to snatch in an inaudible breath as he was almost struck down by the fresh, alluring beauty of her face. Her eyes…they could set a man on fire. He wasn’t sure how she did what she was doing, but even Cane knew she didn’t really have to do anything. Women like Alexandra Duke had that gift of being incredibly beddable even without an effort. If he stayed on this job, then she’d definitely be more of a distraction than he cared to risk.

But then again, it was a job. And one thing Cane knew how to do, was get the job done. That was why he was, as Donel Duke had called him, the top man.

“When you said something about crowd controllers, you meant for famous people, right?” she was asking curiously, her beautiful neck curving to the side as she regarded him with a tipping of her head. “Like A-list actors or big-time music stars and all those other kind of people who’d pull crowds or something.”

“Exactly. For instance, we do a lot of security detail for a movie company and we have men who handle normal crowd control duties for the major stars.”

She nodded with interest. “So if you don’t handle those, just what’s your specialty, if I may ask? I’m assuming there hasn’t been much babysitting of spoiled rich girls in your work history.”

A smile of humor he fought hard to hold down slanted Cane’s lips. He liked her turn of phrase. Hell, he liked her – or he would have if she wasn’t going out of her damned way to be difficult.

Cane wasn’t about to disavow the ‘spoiled rich girl’ allusion; she’d probably read his mind and knew what he was thinking about her attitude. Instead, he went straight to the point of her question.

“My specialty? Politicians. Heads of state, the occasional oil sheik or tycoon. I have experience guarding women, but mostly those who’ve received a definite threat.” Cane paused, thinking of his last assignment.

It wasn’t two months ago he’d got out of hospital after an assassination attempt on his former client. A certain former senator’s wife had taken it upon herself to provide relief materials in a predominantly Muslim village off some West African coast. Cane had been assigned as her bodyguard when someone tried blowing her up with a pipe bomb. Cane had got in the way, rescuing the senator’s wife but getting injured in the process. He still had a few metal fragments in his body but he’d got right back on his feet as soon as possible. However, some stitches still remained that would completely heal in a week or two. Other than that, he was doing great.

And now this? Cane owed Noah a lot of favors after Cane had left active service with Special Ops. But now Cane had to shake off the thought that Noah had got him this gig because he was worried Cane needed to slow down after that last accident in western Africa.

Once again, Cane decided he’d do what needed to be done for now but as soon as he could, someone else had to take on this job. He didn’t relish the prospect of escorting some over-pampered female who’d give him more lip than he could be bothered to deal with.

Watching her suddenly spin on her heels and walk to the door, Cane cursed his best friend and boss for the umpteenth time. Noah had to know just how gorgeous Duke’s daughter was, and still he’d sent me up here, thought Cane. Well, that was one hell of a vote of confidence. Noah trusted him and obviously, so did her father Donel Duke. Cane could only hope he trusted himself just as much.

Cane had always had a take-it-or-leave-it stance when it came to women. Meaning, that he’d never really had to do the chasing. And if a woman played too hard to get, he got bored. No one woman had ever sparked his interest enough for him to make the extra effort.

He’d taken one look at Ms. Alexandra Duke, and knew he was in deep trouble. He wasn’t sure how, but this assignment was going to put a strain on his hard-won control. Not just as a bodyguard used to the whims and caprices of the rich and spoiled, but as a man having to be in close contact with a very beautiful, sexy and attractive young woman. His charge. Under his protection.


Chapter Two

It was a very classy restaurant, newly opened that served a high end seafood menu. Alexandra walked into the dining area done in welcoming design and heaved a sigh when she saw the friendly face send her a happy wave.

She made her way through the spacious tables and took her seat next to her best friend, Malia whom she’d known since middle school. They embraced quickly and then Malia hissed, “Now who is that gorgeous hunk?”

Alexandra stiffened, drew in a slow breath and then turned to glance over her shoulder. Cane had taken a seat just a couple of tables away. Even in the restaurant half-filled with other guests, she could make him out with his clear-cut good looks and impeccable attire. Inconspicuous to others perhaps, but never to her, thought Alexandra with an angry sigh. He didn’t look their way but she was certain he could feel their gaze on him.