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Captured by the Bodyguard(6)

By:Dez Burke

Cane remained unruffled, his face unsmiling as he regarded her speculatively. “I think I can understand how you feel – about the babysitter part at least. I mean considering that most kids of wealthy parents are spoiled brats that require babysitting, perhaps your description is apt after all.”

Alexandra’s eyes opened wide and she glared at him. “Did you actually just refer to me as a…?”

“Brat?” was his calm reply. “For starters, ignoring my hand when we were introduced earlier doesn’t seem like the attitude of a mature adult, or does it? And then being difficult all through and complaining every five minutes about being placed under close protection smacks to me of an overgrown little girl too used to getting her own way.”

Alexandra’s chin lifted defensively as she met his scornful gaze. “Well you’re wrong.”

“Am I?” Cane scoffed, before turning away impatiently. “Look, Ms. Duke, it’s my job to look after you and make sure you’re safe. We don’t have to get along, if that’s your preference, but I’ve been told I’m in your life for the foreseeable future so maybe you need to get used to it.”

For some reason, his chilly and distant tone pricked her sensitivity. “Or maybe I should just call up my dad right now to call your boss to send me some other bodyguard and that way you won’t be in my life.”

Cane didn’t look in the least perturbed. “That’s your choice. Personally my idea of fun isn’t looking after a spoiled brat,” he said pointedly, making Alexandra’s eyes spark with anger as he added, “But my military experience trained me to do a job properly whatever the circumstances. If you really aren’t happy with me then it’s up to you to make that phone call, or not. I’ll wait right here while you make up your mind.” He leveled his gaze at her and then at the phone sitting on the table just beside the open door.

“Well?” he probed as Alexandra just stood there, her annoyance growing as she debated doing just what he expected. But she wasn’t about to give him that satisfaction.

“Go on. Do it.” His taunting tone made her want to stamp her feet. It was like he wanted her to make good her threat. He already pointed out he didn’t want to be here either which Alexandra told herself was fine by her.

“You don’t tell me what to do,” she said coldly. “Besides, it’s late. I’d rather just go to bed and pray for this to be over as soon as possible.”

Cane merely smirked, walking up to the door which compelled Alexandra to back out of the room as he advanced. Once she was out in the corridor, he nodded politely. “You do that. Have a good night.”

The door shut in her face and Alexandra muttered a few choice curses as she stalked to her room next door. She felt a grim satisfaction in slamming the door shut even as she berated herself for being childish.

Alexandra locked the door securely and rested her back against it, letting out a long drawn out sigh that felt like she’d been holding it in all day. Her anger arose as she thought of the infernally vexing man in the next room and told herself that though he might think he’d won this round, she was going to put him in his place the first chance she got and it wouldn’t be too soon.

Chapter Three

Alexandra was awoken the next morning to the smell of bacon. She stumbled out of bed, her eyes squinting in the brightness coming through her windows. She made her way out of her room, following the sounds of crackling as well as the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.

Seriously? He’s making breakfast? Alexandra wondered as she came to a stop inside the kitchen. Catching sight of Cane in front of the stove, she felt a mighty snag grab at her chest.

Cane. In blue jeans and a dark muscle shirt. Sweet heavens above.

This morning he seemed a whole lot different from the mean machine in a suit he’d looked like yesterday. The dash of sunlight that hit right on him from the nearby window gave her a detailed view of his casually dressed body which looked ripped as hell in his casual, snug-fitting clothes. He hadn’t noticed her yet so she could unabashedly drink in the utterly sexy image of him standing there looking like a young stud with his broad shoulders and pecs, washboard abs evident beneath the thin shirt and his narrow hips encased jealously in those sinful jeans. There was not an ounce of spare flesh beneath his clothes and to top it off he was barefoot which was sexiness personified since he happened to have the most gorgeous feet. Alexandra blinked as she realized it had been a hell of a long time since she’d woken up to a hot, virile man – black or white – standing making breakfast in her kitchen.