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Caught Beast Mate(60)

By:Milana Jacks

“I’m gonna take that look as an invitation.”

“I think you should.”

“Are you sure? It’s been a while, and I’m in a ravenous mood.”

“I understand. Alpha Beast gifted us with a chest.”

He pecked my lips, a brief touch of his mouth. “Have you looked inside the chest?”

“I have.”


“I don’t know what those things do.”

“That’s okay. I’ll show you.”

Torrent took my hand and turned toward the priest, who said, “I may need to change my attire as well.”

We chuckled, then Torrent cursed.

My eyes widened. It didn’t feel right to curse in front of a holy man, though I realized Torrent was sort of holy too.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked.

“Aren’t I supposed to have rings?”

“Check your pockets,” Mayhem shouted.

Torrent reached inside, but the priest placed a gentle hand over his. “The ring comes later.” He began the wedding sermon.

Right now, I wanted Torrent. I’d been thinking of our reunion   for months. I wanted him to tear off the dress and ravage my body. When his nostrils flared, I knew he smelled my arousal, so I kept thinking of the dirty things he’d do to me with all the toys in the chest.

Torrent squeezed my hand.

I squeezed back. “Me and you, Torrent. Me and you,” I whispered. “We made it.”