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Chas’s Fervor(141)

By:Chiah Wilder

He picked up a chicken leg, bit into it, and looked around the room: Jack danced with his mother and father to a Bon Jovi tune, Jax and Cherri kissed in a corner while Paisley ran around giggling, Cara sat on Hawk’s lap, and Banger’s pride-filled eyes locked with his. A comforting warmness filled him. This was the life he loved—his wife, his son, his parents, and his brotherhood. Fuck, life is sweet.

After they ate, he danced a few tunes with his wife, all the while thinking about what he was going to do to her in their honeymoon suite at the Palace Hotel. The following day, they would leave to spend a week at a resort in Breckenridge.

As she swayed her hips to Bruce Springsteen, love swelled inside him. She was everything to him—wife, lover, and friend. He wanted to kiss her all over her deliciously ripe body. Just thinking about making love to her made his cock jerk. Chas looped his arm around Addie’s shoulders and said in her ear, “I gotta get you to the hotel. I wanna show my wife some loving.”

Addie threw her head back and laughed then nodded. They sneaked out of the reception, leaving the partygoers to dance and drink the night away. Hand in hand, husband and wife slid into the waiting limo then settled back on the leather seats as the car carried the happy couple to the hotel.

The End