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Chas’s Fervor(7)

By:Chiah Wilder

Taking a deep breath and breathing out, Chas said, “I’d love to have you all the time, but your mom wants you, too, so that’s why we’re sharing you—so we can both have you.” He reached over and raked his fingers through his son’s hair, hating that he had to divide his time between them. A twinge of guilt stabbed Chas’s heart. He had grown up with both his parents in the home. They’d stayed with each other through thick and thin, and it tore Chas up that his son didn’t have a loving family unit. The disappointment in Jack’s eyes hit Chas right in the pit of his stomach.

Jack tilted his head sideways and said, “I don’t think Mom really cares if I’m there. She’s always having Tilly stay with me because she’s busy with work.”

“Work? Does your mom have a job?”

“Yeah, a night one. She goes out and comes home late. She dresses up and always wears some girlie perfume that makes me sneeze.” He shoveled in a large bite of ice cream and banana.

A scowl darkened Chas’s face. “I’ll talk to your mom about it. Just enjoy your ice cream.” He’d agreed to split time with Jack so his son would have the semblance of two parents in his life consistently. He didn’t agree to it so his fucking ex-bitch could whore around. When he dropped Jack off at home, and he was out of earshot, Chas would talk to Brianna to see what the fuck was up. If she couldn’t take care of their son or was tired of it, Chas would gladly have Jack live with him full-time.

“Oh, yeah, and Mom has to talk with Ms. O’Leary about me going more for my reading, and her helping me with that.”

“The librarian I met today?”

“Yeah. She told me she could work with me two days a week extra, but only if my parents said it’s okay. I wanna do it ’cause I wanna read better. I don’t like being stupid.”

“What the fuck? Who said you were stupid? You’re a sharp kid, and you know lots of shit others don’t know.”

“Like what?”

“You can build a small engine for a go-cart, and I don’t even help you much. You can shoot steady, and always hit the target dead-on. You know a lot about Harleys, and you did a killer job installing the brake pads on the Glider. I couldn’t have done that when I was your age.”

With wide eyes, Jack said, “For real? You couldn’t have done that?”

“No, and I’m not just saying that. I bet you know more about Harleys than anyone in your class or even in your school. Don’t think you’re stupid ’cause you’re not. Who told you that shit? Your teacher? Classmates?” He wanted to beat the shit out of whoever told his son he was stupid.

“Mom, and I know she’s not gonna take me for extra reading help.” Jack’s voice hitched slightly, and a veiled mist covered his eyes.

A darkness covered Chas’s face as his jaw tightened. “She doesn’t know shit. No worries, I’ll talk to her and make sure you go for your extra reading lessons.” Gazing at Jack’s sweet face, with a few freckles dotting his nose, Chas’s own softened. He reached over and wiggled Jack’s chin with his fingers. “Finish up your dessert. I’ll take care of this shit. Just remember, you’re not stupid, okay, buddy?”

After wiping his nose with the back of his hand, Jack wiped it on his jeans, nodded, and broke out in a wide grin. “Okay, Dad.”

Pretending everything was cool was difficult since Chas was seething inside. The heat of his anger steadily rose. Fuckin’ bitch! How dare she tell Jack that bullshit? All she gives a fuck about is spreading her legs and taking cock.

Jack’s small voice broke into his thoughts. “Ms. O’Leary gives us the bestest candy. She gives us the regular-sized candy bars, not the tiny ones, or the hard candy like other teachers do at school.”

Happy that Jack appeared to have moved on from their conversation about his sorry excuse for a mother, Chas said, “Sounds like you really like Ms. O’Leary.”

“I do. She’s the best. She makes reading fun, and she always brings us snacks, and stickers, and other stuff. She’s real pretty, too, don’t you think, Dad?”

“Uh… I didn’t really notice, but she seemed nice enough.” Who in the fuck was he kidding? Didn’t notice? He couldn’t believe the hot redhead with the cat-shaped green eyes was his son’s teacher when he’d walked in. Someone that curvy and built had no business hiding away in a library full of books. And her sassy-as-shit mouth made his cock grow hard.

The sexy librarian was definitely someone he’d love to have sucking his cock as he watched her big jugs sway with every bob of her fiery head.