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Chas’s Fervor(8)

By:Chiah Wilder

“How long has she been helping you?” Chas asked.

“Since school started. I dunno, maybe three weeks? She’s been the librarian since I was in second grade last year.”

Chas didn’t remember any librarian looking like her when he was in school. Images of white-haired, older women came to his mind when he thought about the librarians from his school days. If a hot-looking woman like the O’Leary chick had checked out books when he was young, he would’ve been an avid reader. Just thinking about her blushing face with a light dusting of freckles across her cheeks and nose drove his cock forward. He didn’t need to have a hard-on in Maybelle’s Ice Cream Parlor with his eight-year-old son. Seeing the hot librarian again seemed like a good idea, though. He’d love to know what was under all those clothes she wore over her soft, curvy body.

“Can I have another ice cream, Dad?” Jack’s small voice said.

Glad to have his thoughts turned from sexy curves, he said, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea. You just finished a big-ass banana split after a pizza dinner. If you have anything more, you’re gonna have an upset stomach for sure.”

With large, blinking eyes, Jack said, “Please, Dad? Please?”

Shaking his head, amusement danced in Chas’s eyes. He ruffled his son’s hair with his hand. “Bud, don’t try that shit on me. You’re cute and all, but that’s not gonna get you more ice cream.” Looking at the wall clock, whose hands were ice cream cones, he said, “We gotta get going. I know you have homework, and it’s getting late.”

Throwing his dad a crestfallen look, Jack slowly slid out of the booth. Chas stood up and pulled his son toward him, his arm around Jack’s small shoulders. “We’ll come back. We always do.”

The rain had stopped, and Chas took out a large towel and dried off the seat of his Harley. After strapping Jack in, he jumped on and blended into the traffic on the wet streets.

Chas stopped in front of a small, brick house. Hearing a loud squeak, he looked at the house and saw his ex-wife open the screen door, her scantily clad body illuminated under the glow of the porch light. Smiling broadly, she stepped down on to the porch and said, “Hey, Jack. Come up here and give your mommy a hug.”

Jack walked slowly up the porch steps and twisted out of his mother’s arms when she seized him and squeezed him tightly. “Bye, Dad!” he yelled as he ran into the house, the screen door shutting behind him.

Leaning against a brick column, Brianna slid her hungry gaze up Chas’s body. “You look real good tonight, honey,” she told him in a thick voice.

Brushing her off, Chas said, “I wanna talk to you ’bout something.” After taking two steps at a time, he walked past her, and leaned against the brick wall.

“Do you like what you see?” Running her hands over her body, she lingered on her ample cleavage while her pink tongue skimmed her upper lip.

Shaking his head, his lip turned downward. “You look like a club whore.”

Blowing a kiss at him, she said, “Thanks for the compliment.”

“It wasn’t a compliment. You been drinking? I can smell the rum from here. Fuck, Brianna. We need to talk.”

“I just had a couple to relax my nerves. Things have been tight, you know? You wanna talk? Sure, darling, come on in.” She opened the screen door.

“We can talk here on the porch.” Sitting on the brick ledge, he looked at her. “Close the door. I don’t want Jack hearing us.”

Shutting the door behind her, she sat on the swing next to Chas. “Do you want a beer?”

Shaking his head, he said, “What you pulled today was bullshit. Why in the hell didn’t you call me earlier to pick Jack up? He was sitting there for forty-five fuckin’ minutes alone, not knowing where the hell you were. What the fuck, Brianna?”

Defensively, she replied, “I thought I’d be able to pick him up, but I was involved in something and lost track of the time. Hell, the kid knew someone would pick him up. If he didn’t, then he’s stupider than I thought.”

Chas bristled. “Don’t ever fucking call our son stupid again. Never. You’re his goddamned mother, and you should be building him up, not tearing him down. If I hear you’re calling him shit like that, you’ll regret it. Got it?”

She shrugged and pulled her top down a little bit.

“And the only thing you were involved with was fucking some jerk. Next—”

“You jealous?” Her eyes lingered on his crotch.

“No way. I actually feel sorry for the bastard. Next time you’re fucking, make sure you’re done before you have to pick Jack up, or call me when you start. Shit, you’re a mom. Fuckin’ act like one.” Chas clenched his fists as he spoke.