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Cherry Popper

By:Jade Sinner

I didn’t sleep worth a fuck last night. How could I, when I saw her face every time I closed my eyes?

I imagined fucking her in no less than ninety-nine different ways. The horny lobe of my man brain was more than happy and able to supply all the images to accompany the fantasies happening in my head. My favorite was the one where she was lying on the bed with her legs spread, inviting me to eat her pussy. Fuck.

She was sleeping just down the hall, wearing only that short, tiny silky gown. My dick knew it and the fucker stayed stiff all night. Dammit, why’d she have to come into the kitchen wearing that? My cock and the devil sitting on my shoulder tried to convince me all I had to do was walk the short distance to her bedroom and I could be inside her pussy within a few minutes. And no one would know.

Emma Briggs. Within my reach yet completely unobtainable.

I was six when she was born; I’ve known that girl all of her life and most of mine. From the time she could walk, she spent her days tagging along behind Ryan, Brantley, Drake, and me.

Always slower. Always weaker. Always so soft, sweet, and delicate.

She’d have chosen death over admitting a single one of those facts back in the day. But we didn’t care. She was Ryan’s baby sister.

Our little Em.

That was then. This is now. And our little Em isn’t so little anymore. She has grown up, and she’s making me fucking miserable as I lie here on the sofa in the Briggs family room.

I need to jerk off. Maybe cumming would bring relief from the ache in my balls—or at least make the discomfort bearable. And I bet getting off would better equip me to handle being around Em today. Fuck, it’s spring break. I’ll be seeing her all week. No way I can take seven days of this.

I slip my hand into my shorts and grasp my cock, leisurely doing the five-knuckle shuffle under the quilt as I recall seeing Emma last night for the first time in more than a year.

Holy shit. I’ve never seen her look that way. She stole the breath from my chest. Knocked it from me like I’d been run over by a goddamn eighteen-wheeler.

Her dark, thick hair is longer. She’s always worn it straight but last night it was curled and swept over one shoulder. And her eyes—fucking sapphire magnets. I’ve seen them no less than a million times yet I could hardly stop looking at them. I think it’s the first time I can recall being so strongly drawn to something on a girl besides her tits, ass, or pussy.

The red backless top she was wearing was sexy as fuck––one of those where it comes up and around the neck, leaving her shoulders and back completely exposed. Her sun-kissed skin called out to me like a siren. A seductress. A fucking temptress. Touch me, Ben. Kiss me. You know you want to.

Damn, damn, damn. Her perky tits looked like nothing less than perfection pressing against the fabric of her top. And I’m pretty sure I drooled a little when my eyes followed her mile-long legs until they disappeared beneath the tight denim skirt hugging the curves of her hips and ass. I swear to God those curves weren’t there the last time I saw her. I would have noticed.

Her shoes pissed me off. Fuck-me pumps. She had no business wearing those for another guy.

Emma ran over for a hug the second she saw me, same as she has for years, but this time was different. My dick immediately recognized the change, too. The fucker spasmed and came to full attention when our bodies collided. And then, too soon, I had to release her and watch my Em go out the door with another guy.

On. A. Fucking. Date.

Brutal. Nearly killed me seeing her leave with some asshole, who I knew without a doubt, would try to get under that skirt and between her legs. I will kill that fucker if he touches her.

I was glad when she came home—a little too glad. I had to keep myself in check so Ryan didn’t pick up on what I was thinking and feeling about his little sister. He would kill me if he knew what was going through my head about her.

I spent all night imagining her legs wrapped around me while I pounded my cock into her tight, wet pussy. And that’s how I got into this shape now. My own fucking fault. I shouldn’t be having thoughts like that about Em.

Every inch of her sweet little body called out to me. All. Fucking. Night.

I know she’s still a virgin. That sweet cherry is in there. Ripe. And mine for the popping.

I close my eyes and pump faster as I picture Emma lying on the bed with her legs spread, inviting me to touch her. “Emm.”

“Yeah, Ben?”

I open my eyes and see Emma leaning over the back of the couch. Fuck, I can see straight down the top of her gown. And I was right. Her tits are pure perfection.

Her smiling face hovers above mine but then her eyes move and widen as they become transfixed on the jerky movement of my hand below the covers. “Be … ennn?” Her voice is low but thick with shock.