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Claiming Red(2)

By:C.M. Steele

Her eyes sparkled in anger, a vibrant green before she turned to the woman who had been scolding her, and angrily hissed, “Mother, I don’t need to find a boyfriend. Shouldn’t you be worrying about me getting an education instead of getting married and knocked up?”
She stood up, walked to the coffee table, and slammed the book down with force. As the magazine hit the wooden surface, I felt like got sucker punched in the gut. My cock was jumping in my pants, begging to go out and play like a dog on a nice day.
I have to say being dressed like a boy wasn’t hurting her chances with the guys. Even with her tomboyish look she had gotten me fucking hard as a rock. I was ready to carry her out over my shoulder and to my house. Her clothes did little to conceal the figure she had underneath. Now I could see the Auburn ponytail pulled through her cap. I knew I had made the right decision to wait. I wanted to watch as she removed the hat and revealed that red hair; which had the promise to be full and beautiful.
Embarrassed by her outburst, she looked around to see if anyone noticed her behavior. My staring had caught her attention. Seriously, she had the most beautiful eyes, set on her flawless and fair skinned face. She is probably a natural red head. I have never dated a natural red head, and now looking at this beauty, I was wondering why the fuck not. She looked at me, stunned at first, but when I hadn’t stopped staring she looked as if to ask what my problem was. I will tell her sexy ass what my problem was, it was her fine ass. She and her gorgeous face and body were calling to me in a way I never expected. Here I was just swearing off women. Nix that, I wasn’t going to let my pessimistic attitude rise, with perfection standing right there.
I had continued to stare and was only taken out of my horny daze by the next comment out of the mother’s mouth, “You have a date tomorrow. You need to impress him, he is wealthy and you know your father’s habits have gotten expensive. You have the body made for sin and you choose to dress like a slob. Really, you need to tie yourself down to a wealthy guy. I have many choices of men for you. You need to leave that Brady guy alone, he is poor.” Wow this woman was something else, she must be giving the women I’ve dated lessons. She was a gold-digging whore.
“Mother, I can’t believe the things that come out of your mouth. You are mental. Do you think that he is going to meet me and fall madly in love with me and offer to fix all of you and dad’s fuck ups? No because that shit is ridiculous. By the way, Brady is my friend.”
“Young lady, you will do as you are told. I want you to marry a man with money not that lowlife friend of yours, no matter how hot the boy is. Don’t lie to me, and tell me that you too haven’t been sleeping together. What would a thirty-two year old want with a teenager, other than a nice lay?”
“Mother you are such a judgmental…oooh woman, you are something else. I hate…” It was then that I decided to intervene. I couldn’t have my woman about to say what I thought was going to be said. My dad taught me a lot about family and respect for your parents. I walked up to my woman and her mother. This woman was a bitch, but I will let Red take her anger out on me instead. I liked her fiery attitude anyway.
“Excuse me ladies, could you quit the bickering and decide on a color or something already; I got shit to do and I am after you.” The little redhead firebrand wanted to gut me if she could. Those expressive eyes said it all and more. They said I would be a dead man, if I said another word. Too bad I liked a challenge, bring it on Red.
“Don’t get your panties in a twist, asshole. I am done here, so you can get your cut and wax, you preppy metrosexual ass.”
Fuck me, I am going to fucking spank her little ass. Whether it is before or after I bury myself in her heat depends on whether or not she learns to shut her fucking mouth. Metrosexual ass, did she have to use sexual and ass in the same sentence. I had been fighting an erection this whole time.
I walked up to her only inches from her face and whispered, “Red, watch your mouth.”
“Why? You’re watching it enough for the both of us. I don’t know where you get off tell me what to do, but it is best that you stop it.”
Red, was a piece of work, all attitude and all woman. It was going to be fun trying to tame her.
I watched the blush cover her face when I said, for her ears only, “Oh I plan to get off, and you better be ready too.”
Chapter 2: Samantha
Wow, how fucking stupid am I? Or am I just a glutton for punishment. This bitch had to be out of her fucking mind. She was trying to pawn me off; my pussy and freedom up to the richest bidder. I knew that she was full of shit just saying she wanted to spend a day doing girly shit with me.