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Claiming Red(6)

By:C.M. Steele

He paused and I didn’t like that shit. People only paused like that if they knew you wouldn’t like what they were going to tell you.
“No sir, she lives in an apartment with some guy named Brady Williams.”
That was all I got because somewhere between living with some guy and his name I kind of lost it. She was living with another man, murder was on my mind. What the fuck? I just clicked the phone off, my blood pressure must have been through the roof. I punched the steering in frustration. I wanted to belt this fuck in the head.
I drove back to the salon, in a rush, to find out what Claire had learned. According to Tad, my Red had just left with her shrew of a mother and some really sexy, hot beefy guy, his words exactly. I could tell from her scolding earlier that they had money problems and wondered if this Brady was her first sugar daddy or was he the poor ‘friend’. I stormed into the back where Claire was on the phone. I was huffing like she had done something wrong, but I needed answers now.
“Hey I will call you back. My brother is here and practically breathing fire. Yeah talk to you later.” She rolled her eyes.
“What’s up big bro? Got your panties in a twist?” She repeated Red’s words from earlier, but I wasn’t in the mood for her shit, right now.
“Tell me now Claire. I am not in the mood for your shit.”
“Hey chill. If you don’t, I won’t tell you what I learned.”
“Fine, Claire I am sorry. What did you find out?” I hated surrendering, especially to this brat, but my mind needed some relief.
“Well she is going to be eighteen, a bit young for you. Her mother and she don’t see eye to eye for shit. She has a hot date tomorrow with a rich sexy man. She wasn’t interested until she saw his picture and I couldn’t blame her, its Antonio Moreno. That man is something else.” Moreno! He was older than me and was a ladies man.
“The fuck if that is going to happen. What else?” My head was reeling.
“Oh she was picked up by this other guy who was so hot. I never seen a hotter guy. She had been texting him the whole time I was doing her hair. From what I could read, he was stalling her mother outside of the salon, and that he was picking her up before going back to their apartment. Lucky bitch, if I had that handsome guy living with me he wouldn’t be getting out of bed and I wouldn’t be looking for another date.”
“Ugh gross, Claire. Please let me pretend that you are innocent. Well anything else?”
“No, well, she did ask me if you came in here all the time. I told that you come every two weeks to get your haircut and to chat with me.”
“What the fuck? Now she probably thinks we are together.”
“Bro, I did it on purpose. You know nothing about women besides what they look like naked.”
“Hey I resent that shit. I know something about women, little sisters are brats.”
“Hahaha, get over it. She is interested in you. She couldn’t help, but ask even though I could tell she was feeling awkward. Well what are you going to do lover boy?”
“You’ll see soon.”
I walked out letting her know I will pick her up in an hour.
“Roger, her address.” I headed right over there. Nothing was going to stop me from getting her out of that apartment, Brady or no Brady. Luckily it wasn’t far away. I could actually walk there, but I had dinner plans in a bit.
I pulled up to nice apartment in a good neighborhood. So, the fuck had a good job. I hate him even more. I was getting out of my car when I saw Travis Williams exiting the building and go into a pickup truck. I haven’t see that guy in years. Not since my uncle’s issues landed on our doorstep. What the fuck was he doing here? Wait, was Brady his brother? Does he even have a brother? I don’t have time for this shit.
I knocked on her door. She opened it and my decision was made. Either way she is coming with me whether she wants to or not. She looked fucking stunning. Her hair was perfect and the makeup was subtle. I thought she was fucking beautiful before, but whatever my sister did, she was too damn sexy. I am going to kick Claire in her ass. She did this to tick me off.
“What are you doing here?” For a brief moment, I could have sworn I’d seen a smile before the grimace.
“I am here to take you out tonight.”
“The fuck you are, I don’t want to go anywhere with you, ever.” I was trying not to let my jealousy get the better of me, but she was willing to go out with a guy, from just a picture, with a reputation worse than mine.