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Punishing His Accountant 3: Contract Settlements

By:Alicia Roberts

Punishing His Accountant 3: Contract Settlements


Alicia Roberts

Chapter One

Ella relaxed in her leather seat on Josh’s private jet as it flew over the mountains of Central America, bound for San Jose, Costa Rica. In the seat next to her, Josh rose and stepped through the door of the cockpit to talk with his crew for a few minutes before returning to his seat.

“We’ll be landing in fifteen minutes,” he told Ella. He sat down and resumed tapping out text messages on his phone.

Ella watched through the window of the plane as the city of San Jose grew closer and the plane began its descent. Its angle seemed unusually steep to her, and she gasped as the pilot banked the wings hard to make several tight spiral circles down to where the airport was located in a small valley ringed with high mountains on all sides.

The landing gear touched the runway and the pilot applied the reverse thrusters hard. Ella noticed that the plane had nearly reached the end of the runway before it could slow to taxi speed. She shuddered as it pulled up to the terminal and waited for her heart to stop pounding.

Finally she looked over at Josh, who had been watching her intently as the plane landed. He grinned as they made eye contact.

“Sorry, Ella, I forgot this is your first landing in San Jose.”

“Excuse me, but you don’t look very sorry,” Ella retorted. “You really should have warned me.”

“Now, now,” he admonished. “You already know what kind of trouble your sassy behavior can get you into. Besides, if you knew what we were in for, it would just have made it worse for you. Trust me, it’s better not to know.”

He rose from his seat, picked up his briefcase and her bag, and took her arm to help her down the step of the plane.

“Welcome to Costa Rica, Ella,” he said.

Ella stepped onto the tarmac in her high heels, leaning slightly on Josh’s arm for support. She had been traveling with him ever since her failed embezzlement had gotten her fired from InterPlus and earned her a contract as his personal secretary.

In the beginning Ella had rebelled against her new role because it seemed to conflict so strongly with her practical, independent nature, but under Josh’s persistent training, she had come to enjoy it more and more. Costa Rica was the ninth country she had traveled to in the two months she had been under contract to Josh. The others had included Antigua, Montenegro, Taiwan, Mexico, China (twice), Japan, and Malaysia, and each time she had flown comfortably with him on his private jet and sailed easily through customs. Each trip had resulted in a successful business transaction for InterPlus worth millions of dollars. Josh was on a roll, and Ella could tell by the shrewd, triumphant expression on his face after each meeting that he was enjoying it immensely.

As for Ella, she had adapted well to her role as Josh’s submissive. That was exactly what she was, she thought, watching as Josh, speaking rapid Spanish, directed the porters to take their luggage to the airport terminal’s exit and put it in the trunk of the stretch SUV he had sent to come pick them up.

By now she was intimately familiar with the routine for each of their trips. She knew that one of those suitcases contained nothing but gift-wrapped packages of new outfits for her to wear on the trip. She also recognized the big suitcase that she knew contained an assortment of pillows, restraints, and punishment devices designed to bring her to excruciating heights of pain and pleasure.

Such was her life as Josh’s personal secretary and sub. As the past two months had gone by, she found that more and more she could barely remember her old life as an accountant who wore knee-length skirts and flat shoes to work. That person had been replaced by a wild, sexy woman who wore high heels everywhere and could indulge her taste for beautiful designer fashions without thinking twice.

Ella retrieved her designer sunglasses out of her purse and put them on as Josh joined her in the back seat of the stretch SUV and put on his own. He was wearing his favorite Armani suit, a charcoal gray herringbone that fit his lean, tan body to perfection.

Ella fantasized about how she and Josh might look to an outside observer. She decided that they would be appear to be an attractive jet-set tourist couple. No one but she and Josh knew what took place between them at night with the doors locked and the shades drawn.

With her sunglasses hiding her eyes, the world couldn’t see that Ella always kept her gaze cast downward when she was out in public with Josh. After their first week together, Josh had told her that she had completed that part of her training satisfactorily, and she could now look directly at him except during business meetings, or when he was disciplining her. But Ella grew to enjoy her role as Josh’s sub so much that she continued to play it even when she didn’t have to. She loved it that nobody knew about it except her and Josh.