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Dying For Sex

By:Epic Sex Stories

Dying For Sex

by Epic Sex Stories

SUMMARY: When a virgin hottie learns she has just a year to live, she decides to go out with a bang. She marries a rich stud who helps her get out every kink in her system, from sex in public to regular home orgies to bedding porn stars. But her husband has a killer secret that could be the death of her.

EXCERPTS: Why do they call it a “blowjob” when the job actually requires sucking?

“You’re not afraid of falling in love with me?” the terminally ill hottie had to know. “I’m afraid I already have,” the rich stud confessed. “You’d still marry me, knowing I’m dying?” “Yes, but it has to be for life.”

Michael was the first hot alpha male she met who wasn’t an asshole. He gave off enough heat to cook her books, a gravitas that pulled her in like a black hole. Too bad he would die soon.

“If you’re gonna die young, then you may as well live fast.”

He paralyzed her with killer eyes so blue they should be weaponized. By his expression she knew he understood her completely. She felt like an open book and he just finished the last page.

“I’m not afraid of death. It’s dying I don’t look forward to.”

She inhaled the cock like it was coke. Every time her lips slid up or down the rim of his penis she felt his anus pucker, so she slid a finger up his backside.

With Mara grunting like a pig, the door suddenly opened and her mother fainted. She snuck another finger up his ass without breaking her blowjob. He yelled out and blew a gasket.

The first wad struck her so hard she coughed and hiccupped. The damn jism flew up her nasal passage and out of her nose onto her bare breasts. It burned like a branding iron and Mara knew she was hooked. Her nose sizzled so much she expected it to start smoking. With all the applause, she didn’t realize that cum splattered her face and a drop of spunk hung from her nose like a raindrop on a leaf.

At a red light, a trucker honked while she masturbated. She rolled down her window and stuck both feet out to give him a better view. Having an audience made her cum like a hurricane.

“Spank me, bitch!” she shouted. He smacked her ass cheek hard. “I said, hit me, you fucking pussy!” He put everything into it and she bucked like a bronco on his cock. He continued slapping her ass until her body collapsed like jello.

Penetrating her pussy felt like going home after a long trip. The harder you make her cum that first time, the better looking she’ll see you afterwards. Fantastic sex at the start of a relationship is key to her wearing rose-colored glasses.

She inhaled his easy laugh like anesthesia. She couldn’t believe she made him laugh. She couldn’t make babies laugh. There is no better aphrodisiac than someone laughing at your jokes.

“I want them to cover you in sperm. I want you to walk around with a river of cum flowing down your leg. I’d like to lick their cum off of your new tits, and suck it out of your pussy and anus. I want you to have so much anal that you walk like a penguin. Hell, I may take it up the ass myself. Can you imagine licking another man’s cum from your husband’s virgin anus?”

It was too low to be a scream, too primal to be a whisper. It came from deep inside her and built up in pitch and volume. If this wasn’t a super-orgasm, it must be an electric shock treatment.

Mara’s body shook like an epileptic and Mike had to pin her hands to the mattress just to continue fucking her. A vice inside her virgina clamped down on his penis and he shot so much so fast so hard that he lost a few neurons.

They say giving birth feels like pulling your lips over your head; Mara tried the opposite -- getting Mike’s entire head into her pussy. It didn’t work, but it was fun trying.

She ordered him around with an authority that thrilled her: “Get on your fucking knees and suck his throbbing cock!”

“Record my husband when you cum in his mouth. I want to masturbate to it later.” “Shhhheeet, girl, we’ll masturbate to it together.”

She thrust the vibrator in him faster and deeper, which hurt really good.

He felt the penis in his mouth tremble with rage. I’m about to get a mouthful of cum, he realized, not sure how he felt about it, but unwilling to spit it out before it spit in him.

“Only gay men would prefer to give than receive a blowjob.”

Michael stood next to the other husband watching their wives take three guys each. “This makes my dick rock hard, but I still want to reach for a gun.”

“White cock tastes better,” he told his wife. “That’s not what the Kardasians say.” “Cum in their mouths,” the porn director ordered.

“I’m pregnant,” his wife told him. “I hope the baby isn’t black,” her white husband replied, hoping that didn’t sound racist.