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Dying For Sex(10)

By:Epic Sex Stories

It was too low to be a scream, too primal to be a whisper. It came from deep inside her and built up in pitch and volume. If this wasn’t a super-orgasm, it must be an electric shock treatment. Mike felt himself pass the point of no return, and really only had one more thing to share.

“And I just scored a brick of the best medicinal marijuana known to man. They say it’s killer.”

Mara’s body shook like an epileptic and Mike had to pin her hands to the mattress just to continue fucking her. A vice inside her virgina clamped down on his penis and he shot so much so fast so hard that he lost a few neurons. He didn’t feel faint, but he sure as hell passed out.

They laid next to each other quietly on the California king-size bed, with the massive oak bed frame, in a room larger than her mother’s house.

“Do I talk too much during sex?” he asked after a long silence.

“My love, you don’t talk enough.”

“I forgot to tell you I bought you a case of Patron tequila.”

“You haven’t had a bad idea yet. No wonder I look forward to marrying you so much.”


The massage guy went by the name Moody. Mike assumed his parents didn’t name him that at birth, unless his mother was Gwyneth Paltrow. Mike saw his fiancée’s eyes grow big at the sight of the stud. As usual, she wore sexy lingerie because it put them both in the mood. And here was a dude named Moody.

“She’s ready for her massage,” Mike said cheerfully, despite conflicting feelings of watching his beloved fuck another man. He never expected his feelings for her to grow so strong. It sucked to find the lifemate of his dreams terminally ill.

“Oh, I’m not here for you?” Moody asked, apparently genuinely surprised.

“Well, I want a massage too, but you’re here primarily for my fiancée.”

The expression on his face confused Mike. He didn’t know how to read it, and usually that’s what he was so good at. Maybe it only worked on women. Turns out Mara found it before he did.

“He’s gay,” she said, very disappointed.

“Well, yeah,” Moody said, as if it was obvious.

Mike liked that he did not sound at all apologetic for being queer.

“Sorry, honey,” Mike told her.

“Mikey, I think he’s here for you,” she said, suddenly intrigued with the new opportunity.

“No, he’s here to give you a massage.”

“Excuse me,” Moody interrupted. “But you said you both wanted daily massages when you’re in town. And from the vib you gave off, well, I guess I shouldn’t have assumed so much.”

Mara started laughing. “You picked up a gay stud. My man can pick up a gay stud. Michael, you have no idea how attractive you are.”

“You said I’d be handsomely rewarded for extra-services.”

“Oh, you shall be,” Mara assured him. She turned to her fiancé. “Time for your fucking massage.”

“Actually,” Moody said, “massage works better after sex.”

“Dude,” Mara told Mike, “time for sex!”

She seemed delighted, while he seemed very unsure. Normally so articulate, he couldn’t seem to put two words together.

“I hope this doesn’t get weird,” the masseuse said. “Would I be on the giving or the receiving end?”

“Oh, definitely on the giving end. Honey, if you suck him off or take it up the ass, I’ll love you forever.”

Mike looked undecided. “Hey, does anyone want to smoke some killer weed?”

Well, that broke the ice. Soon they were smoking dope from this monster bong and downing shots of very expensive tequila while Mara blasted the latest pop music. She had the guys strip and lay on the couch while she did her very first striptease. She had to leave the grandma bra on, so she left a sexy top on and bounced on Mike’s lap. Moody made first contact by playing with Mike’s dick, so Mara put Mike’s hand on Moody’s dick, the sight of two gorgeous cocks making her wet. His head swimming from the killer grass, Mike dove into the pussy tickling his nose.

Except he forgot he just came in there. She didn’t forget, however, and grabbed his head to pin him to her used hole. When he got his first taste of his own jism, they all knew it. He yelled something into her snatch, but that only made her rub it farther into his face. They say giving birth feels like pulling your lips over your head; Mara tried the opposite -- getting Mike’s entire head into her pussy. It didn’t work, but it was fun trying.

When she let him go, she ordered him around with an authority that thrilled her: “Get on your fucking knees and suck his throbbing cock!”