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Dying For Sex(30)

By:Epic Sex Stories


Other husbands may be rich, handsome, and hung, but hers has a head injury that makes him complaint. He likes her in charge, telling him what to do, and will do anything to keep her happy. So when his ex-lover butts in, she knows exactly how to spank the bitch.

EXCERPTS: Because my dick is ridiculously long, my wife has always fantasized about catching me masturbating.

She loves it when I whip her bare ass with my penis -- although not in public, for some reason. Again, sorry Walmart.

She looked at me like I was one of them new cars. Even with my spunk splashed on her face, she was unbelievably beautiful.

“Grandma once knocked a trucker out cold with her first punch. Oh, heads up: don’t ever call her a crazy bitch.”

“Don’t pop my cork unless you’re gonna finish the bottle.”

Laying on the bed, my prick nearly slapped my face. “You better get it now before I blast a hole in the ceiling,” I warned her.

I like loud women. Once her pussy swallowed it all, she looked at me like a god. “I have never felt so complete.”

I picked her up and fucked like I was dancing. The way her tits bounced up and down mesmerized me. She tried not to cum again -- I saw the fear in her eyes. When she went over the edge, her pussy gripped my cock like a farmer milking a cow. Locked and loaded, I shuddered as I emptied my mag into her.

Her legs wouldn’t support her, so she flopped on the bed and tried to catch her breath. The expression on her face scared me, like she just saw a ghost. Her limbs didn’t seem to work and I worried the orgasm broke her.

“No man outside of porn can touch me where your guy touches me. He’s stretched me so much I can barely feel a normal size penis. Doctors should use him for pregnant women so babies just fall out.”

The girls ordered us to undress. For a moment they looked like they were gonna grab out clothes and run out laughing. But instead the girls kissed. “Where’s my camera phone?” I wailed.

Peaches mounted me while her boyfriend took pictures, then he wiggled his cock up her butt while my girlfriend took video. As we double-teamed her, my girl sat on my face.

I knew when he penetrated her by the high-pitched scream in my face that Five Hour Energy should put in a pill. My girlfriend cursed as my buddy worked his way up her anus. I swear the double penetration dilated her eyes. When he came, I’m pretty sure I heard it. He looked like he was having an epileptic attack in slow motion. My girl just purred, with my cock still in her pussy, as my best friend flooded her anal cavity with jism.

My girlfriend turned to me. “Fuck her until you cum so I can suck your juice out of her.” I had cum twice that night, so it took a lot of pounding before I gave her my last two drops. By that time she was either begging for mercy or whimpering in Yiddish.

My girl slurped my cum out of her pussy while Peaches stuck her tongue up my girlfriend’s ass to taste her boyfriend’s juice as he recorded everything. I stood up, my cock swinging between my knees like a grandfather clock.

She jumped back as my penis sprang at her like a rattlesnake. “Get on your knees, mom, and suck my husband’s giant cock.” My wife likes me to slap her face with it, but it surprised my mother-in-law so much that she fell back with a yell.

My dick starting poking her like a mugger looking for a wallet. She grabbed my schlong and I heard a moan so deep that I thought we needed an exorcist.

I flipped her over and pounded her missionary until her body shook like a baby rattle. By then she had an odd smile, like those mannequins who look like they want to talk.

I planted a knee on either side of my mother-in-law’s head and spanked my monkey like Tarzan. The poor lady looked scared. My first shot must have filled some cavities from the surprised look on her face. She swallowed in order to clear her air passage, then bobbed on my pole to drain me of every drop.

My girl said she was the happiest wife in the world, but I don’t know: Mrs. Stevenson, the meth dealer, always seemed pretty happy when I bought my weekly bag.