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Dying For Sex(6)

By:Epic Sex Stories

“I’m too skinny and I have no breasts,” she complained.

“I don’t believe you. Show me.”

She cocked her head trying to see if he was serious. Apparently he was. He guided her to a walk-in storage room.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” she challenged him, hoping he wasn’t bluffing. Apparently not, as he quickly stripped.

“I was wrong,” she said. “It’s you who is too skinny and doesn’t have breasts. But at least you can get it up.”

“Touch it.”

Mara looked like she was about to jump up and down at the prospect of grabbing his throbbing boner. This was all too much, too fast, and she fucking loved it. He made her feel like a new person. For the first time in months, death seemed so far away.

“I felt it while we danced.”

“You’ll feel it some more if you play your cards right.”

She grabbed it like a baseball bat as he moved in to kiss her passionately. A wave of emotions overwhelmed her. Her skin felt too tight, too tingly. A fire burned inside her and the smoke clouded her thinking.

“Can I kiss it?” she asked. “Sucking a stranger off is high on my list.”

“I think the real question is, can you swallow it?”

“Oh, I’ve never done that before! Please teach me.”

“I’ll be your new coach. Your new life coach.”

That delighted her. “Okay. You know so much, so you tell me what to do and I’ll fucking do it.”

Which delighted him. “Anything?”


“Then take off your clothes, get on your knees, and suck my fucking cock.”


She actually giggled under the single light bulb as she tried to strip as sexy as possible. She loved how his eyes got bigger as she took off her bra. Someone without feet shouldn’t wear shoes, but for some reason she wore a bra.

“You’re fucking tone!” he exclaimed.

“Oh, I’m in great shape, although I can’t exercise all day like I used to.”

Mara fell to her knees and immediately gobbled him up.

“Let your throat muscles get used to the first few inches, then gradually go deeper.”

She had only seen one penis before, and this one was so much better. And bigger. He must normally weigh a lot more. But at least his cock was as healthy as it was delicious. She desperately needed to get more and more of him down her throat. She inhaled the cock like it was coke.

“Once you get the whole thing in your mouth, then you can try increasing speed. Pull back your teeth and let your lips rub against my pole.”

Her competitive side sprang up and she found herself trying to suck him ever deeper and faster. She never knew that having a hard cock in the mouth felt so good. Mara finally felt complete. No wonder coach kept her away from boys. Boys may be jerks, but cocks can be wonderful. Too bad she couldn’t have one without the other.

Then something changed in his grunting. Every time her lips slid up or down the rim of his penis she felt his anus pucker. Just to be sure, she slid a finger up his backside and the fag had the audacity to spread his legs to give her more access. Well, you can’t pass up opportunities that may never come again, so her finger found what it was searching for: the rim of his a-hole.

“Sticking it in will make me cum,” he warned her.

So she stuck it in. Mara even moved her knees closer so she could thrust deeper and he moaned like a wolf in heat. Now she found her rhythm, finger-fucking his asshole while gulping his entire cock.

“I’m gonna cum!” he yelled triumphantly, expecting her to pull back. Instead, he thought she whimpered with desire.

The door suddenly opened and Dr. Dana screamed while mother fainted onto the floor next to Mara. They both heard a stampede approaching to see what was going on. Mike found his feet anchored to the floor, while Mara started grunting like a pig.

She snuck another finger in without breaking her blowjob. That, apparently, was the last straw. He yelled out while bracing his hands on the shelves on both sides and blew a gasket.

The first wad struck her so hard that she seemed to cough and hiccup at the same time. Whatever she did, the damn jism flew up her nasal passage and out of her nose onto her bare breasts. It burned like a branding iron and Mara knew she was hooked. Her nose sizzled so much she expected it to start smoking.

Mike was right: the last thing on her mind was her imminent death. If she couldn’t live longer, then she needed to live as intensely as possible.

The next shot hit her like hail, but she gulped it down only to find more smacking the roof of her mouth. She swirled it around and found his taste delirious. A thrill shot up her spine when she felt his strong hands grab her hair. She continued bobbing back and forth to drain him dry while someone -- it turned out to be Frank -- cheered her on. More shots coughed onto her tongue, which forced her to swallow again.