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Dying For Sex(7)

By:Epic Sex Stories

How the fuck is it that I’ve never done this before? she privately wondered. What a wonderful experience. She resolved right then and there, despite the growing crowd, to repeat this as often as possible before she kicked the bucket.

The softening penis in her mouth saddened her. She looked up to see if he could give her more, and the expression of deep gratitude and deeper contentment touched her heart like Hallmark. With all the applause from the crowd, she didn’t yet realize that some cum splattered onto her face and a drop of jism hung from her nose like a raindrop on a leaf.

“That was awesome!” they both said at once, then laughed as the hysterical mob filmed their nude bodies.


One advantage of knowing you will soon die is the freedom from worrying about what others think. Mara took her time absorbing the experience of her first blowjob, despite the flash photography. When her mother finally recovered, she was at least dressed, but failed to clean the spots of sperm on her face. Mike helped them both up.

“Mom, I’m going home with Mike.”

“Oh, excellent,” Mike said, pleased he would soon be getting some.

Mom was in no shape to argue, so Mara took Mike by the hand and led him out of the house.

“The black Lexus SUV,” Mike helpfully pointed out.

During the ride home, Mara unzipped his pants and played with his cock while undressing.

“Play with yourself,” he ordered. “Make yourself cum so I can suck your fingers.”

At a red light, a trucker honked while she masturbated and gave her two thumbs up. She smiled and gave him a thumbs up back. He rolled down his window to record her with his cell phone camera, so she rolled down her window and turned to stick both feet out to give him a better view. Having an audience turned her on and she came like a hurricane. Mike sucked her fingers like a chicken wing.

“I like to be looked at,” she discovered. “I wish everyone could see me having sex. Scandal makes me feel alive.” The observation made his dick salute the flag. “I see you like it, too,” she told his growing penis.

By the time he parked in his garage, he was ready for more. He took off his shirt and pushed it under her to not stain the leather.

“I can’t wait,” he explained impatiently.

He took her roughly and she fucking loved it.

He sucked on a tit and fingered her pussy, so she stuck her right foot out the open window and rested her left on the steering wheel. He thumbed her clit and suckled her neck. She loved being touched, loving having a man do whatever he wanted to her body. She couldn’t get enough. Not yet.

Her scream, when the orgasm hit, seemed much louder in the confines of the car. Before she fully recovered, Mara found a big dick forcing its way into her sloshing wet snatch. Oh, this was new! Muuuuuch better than his finger. The sensations washed her away until a tsunami of an orgasm picked her up and fucking threw her.

“Oh, please cum inside me,” she begged him, her breathing ragged.

“Only if you cum for me again,” he shot back.

He reclined the seat and turned her on all fours so he could fuck her doggy style, which made her bark like a hound. He loved her ass. It was everything he always desired. The curves, the smoothness of the skin, the strength of the muscles.

“Spank me, bitch!” she shouted.

He smacked her ass cheek hard.

“I said, hit me, you fucking pussy!” she screamed angrily.

Incensed and aroused, he put everything he could into it and she bucked like a bronco on his cock. He continued slapping her ass until her body collapsed like jello on his leather seat.

Now he could finally concentrate on his own pleasure. He learned long ago to make sure the first time rocked his lover’s world because this colored how she would see him ever after. Make a woman cum really hard, repeatedly, the first time, and you fucking owned her. Then you didn’t need to worry so much about that receding hairline or bulging belly because she would desire you like Brad Pitt. Mind-blowing sex, not love, cemented a new relationship because sex is the seed that love grows from. Women love shoes, but that doesn’t stop them from replacing them in a year -- because shoes don’t make them bark like a hound. The harder you make her cum that first time, the better looking she’ll see you afterwards. Fantastic sex at the start of a relationship is key to her wearing rose-colored glasses.

Michael knew he didn’t look too healthy, and health is the basis for beauty. Beautiful people are so damn attractive because they look so damn healthy. He didn’t look healthy, so he needed the insurance that great sex could give him. And he loved to hear her scream.

By the time he exploded in her pussy, she purred like a kitty cat. One glance at the contentment plastered on her face and he could tell she was not thinking about her premature death. No fucking chemo, no doctors, no experimental drugs with experimental side effects. Instead she floated in a pool of sexual energy, happy at last. For a near-Olympian, she didn’t look like she could even walk.