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Dying For Sex(8)

By:Epic Sex Stories

He went inside to get her a cold bottle of water because she soaked his fucking seat, right through his shirt, and must be dehydrated. I’m gonna need beach towels next time, he realized. He broke out her Bucket List and whistled as he read her dying wishes.

She saw him with her paper. “Oh, fuck.”

“Wow! You sure want to go out with a bang.”

“It’s nothing. I acted out when Dr. Blake gave me the bad news. I don’t need to do all those things.”

“Why not? It sounds like fun.”

She studied his face to see if he was serious. “All of them?”

“Why the fuck not? I wouldn’t do them in order, but we could probably do all of them in the next six months. Aside from medical appointments, I don’t have any plans. Do you?”

She gathered her strength to sit back in the seat, finally discovering how much she soiled it. He helped her out so that they stood naked in his open garage.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” she asked.

“First we get married -- I bet Dan and Dana would love to host the wedding. Then we find some studs for your epic orgy. Finding three cocks for you to take at the same time shouldn’t be a problem. Oh, I even know a retired linebacker, who I assume has a huge black cock. We can post it online so that everyone can see you have sex with tons of guys. And don’t forget the hottie. I want to see that. Hey, it’s not on your list, but why don’t we first get you massive boobs?”

Mara burst into tears and Mike wondered if he fucked up. He held her and she melted in his arms. He really liked her and the thought of her running away from him would really suck. Finally, she calmed down enough to clarify her reaction:

“You’d really marry me, even though I’m terminally ill?”

His relief hit him like a brick. “Yes, but if you marry me, it has to be for life.”

She smiled through her tears and kissed him so hard she nearly chipped a tooth.

“You’re not afraid of falling in love with me?” the terminally ill hottie had to know.

“I’m afraid I already have,” the stud confessed.

“You are the most wonderful man I have ever known,” he heard her mumble through her kisses.

“Just wait until you’ve known me another hour.”

She laughed, shocked how much she felt for this man who proposed to her within an hour of meeting her. Well, she did suck him off. She pulled her head back to look at him.

“I fucking love you, Michael. I can’t wait to marry you. I want your cock in me every day. But please tell me your last name.”

“Habernashingston.” He watched her jaw drop. “Nah! It’s Manning. You’re gonna marry Michael Manning.”

“Then my married name will be Mara Manning. I like it. I fucking like it!”

“I bet your mom is still at Dana’s. Let’s go back and tell them we’re getting married.”

“You haven’t had a bad idea yet!”


Mike could see that she was still heavily drugged when they wheeled her out to his car. He couldn’t see her new tits yet, but the mounds impressed him. The surgeon recommended only going up two sizes, but they chose four because…why the fuck not? Sure, it looked totally unnatural, but at least she looked like a porn star.

He opened the door and guided her in. She lived with him now, so he drove her home and held her while she slept. He knew her doctors would give her all kinds of shit for having cosmetic surgery, but they weren’t the ones dying. Her last checkup did not find any traces of the cancer, so maybe she was among the successful 10%. Dr. Blake didn’t believe in giving false hope, and Mike hated him for that. He understood it, but still hated him.

Dr. Blake not only was attracted to Mara, but was single, great looking, and not gay -- the bastard. Mike knew he didn’t hit it out of the park in the looks department, and realized that he could never land a total hottie like Mara if he were not rich, charming, and a fucking mind reader. With her new tits, she would be out of his league like a bat boy serving in the majors. Because she valued athleticism during puberty, she had no idea how great looking she was. He saw that right away, which gave him a small opportunity to land a big fish.

Which he didn’t expect was for her to be as amazing and awesome as she turned out. He couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed her company. He had been around the block, so he knew that guys fall for beauties all the time. What rung his mop was how much her personality attracted him like a magnet.

He did not want to fall in love with her. Marry her, sure; spent the rest of her life with her, absolutely; but not fall for her. He had fallen before, and assumed his crushed heart could not love again. Boy, did Mara change that in a hurry. He soon realized that he would do anything for her. Without even trying, she conquered him completely.