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Dying For Sex(9)

By:Epic Sex Stories

Her doctors seemed surprised that their patient was getting married to someone she just met, and they really didn’t care for Mike knowing so much about medicine. Mike knew of a promising new treatment in Geneva that they didn’t even bother to tell her about because the list to get in was so long. Mike offered the research group $1 million to get Mara in, which pissed Dr. Blake off even more. This new treatment was more effective and had fewer debilitating side effects than chemo. And Dr. Blake didn’t administer it.

She sucked him off before surgery, so although he made her sleep all night, they still never went a day without sex. Usually they fucked three times a day and made love once or twice.

The next morning he gave her a debit card with her name on it.

“I put $10,000 in an account for you. Call your friends because I want you to buy yourself a wedding dress and tons of sexy clothes that show off your new cleavage. You’re gonna turn heads in every expensive restaurant in town.”

She hugged him so hard she nearly broke him. She really was fucking strong.

“And get lots of lingerie because I want you to fuck as many guys as you can on our honeymoon.”

She took out his cock and was not at all surprised to find him rock hard. She tore off her underwear and guided him inside her. Penetrating her pussy felt like going home after a long trip.

“I’ve reserved the ambassador suite at a Disneyworld five star resort in Orlando. I’m gonna fuck you dressed as Mickey.”

Her eyes glazed over again and he wondered if she took another one of those awesome pain pills. Her breathing rapidly changed and her fingernails dug into his back and she pulled him ever closer.

“Oh, that porn star you thought was so hot -- Deep Canyon, I think her stage name is -- agreed to rock your world as long as we let her sell it exclusively on her website. We’re each gonna put $10,000 towards publicity, so I invited her to the wedding since she’s gonna fuck you afterwards. She said she may even stay if we have more guys than you can handle.”

Mike swore he heard an engine start deep inside her, like she was overheating.

“I’d rather have too many guys than too few. I’ll make sure they all provide proof that they’re clean. I want them to cover you in sperm. I want you to suck tons of cock and walk around with a river of cum flowing down your leg.”

Even with the special grandma bra, her tits bounced dangerously as she got really into it. She arched her back and squeezed a nipple.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to lick their cum off of your new tits, and suck it out of your pussy and anus. I want you to have so much anal that you walk like a penguin. Hell, I may take it up the ass myself. Can you imagine licking another man’s cum from your husband’s virgin anus?”

He pounded her hard now, not sure how much longer he could last. She looked on the edge and ready to leap off.

“Your friends told me which guys you liked in high school, and several of them expressed interest in fucking the shit out of you on our wedding night. Your mom mentioned you had the hots for a Russian gymnast who won a bunch of medals.”

Mara breathed in ragged breaths like a marathoner. Her eyes looked huge. She kept staring at him like he was a fucking god.

“I hired an ad agency to put banner ads on all the big porn sites to let people know they can check out our honeymoon in real time for free. We’ll visit the Disney parks when you’re not fucking your harem. Oh, and Frank wants to know if you’d let him fuck you.”

Mara’s scream pierced the heavens and rattled the windows. Mike had never heard of anyone cuming so loud. Good thing they lived alone. For a moment he worried about the neighbors, then thought, fuck-em.

“We’ll come back for your next checkup, then we’ll spend a month in Europe. There’s a hospital in Geneva that’s doing cutting edge work on your type of leukemia. Dan and Dana highly recommend them. I don’t expect them to cure you, but it will be worth it if they give me even an extra day with you. Between appointments I want you to spend $10,000 euros shopping for clothes in Paris, Madrid, and Rome.”

He had assumed her orgasm peaked, but now he saw fear in her eyes as something powerful rattled her body like a demon in a horror movie. But Mike still fucked her hard. He felt her nails dig into his buttocks -- really, he must cut those bastards before she sliced off what little cushion he had back there.

“I’ve hired a ridiculously good looking masseuse to rub the tension out of you and to fuck your brains out. Honestly, I can only cum five times a day, and you have fifty years of sex to make up for. He’s waiting for you to eat breakfast first. And the Jacuzzi will arrive tomorrow. An old Chinese guy who does acupuncture, reflexology, and a bunch of other stuff will drop by this afternoon. He doesn’t promise to prolong your life, unlike all the swindlers, but I’m told it feels fantastic.”