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Enlightening Bloom

By:Michelle Turner

Chapter 1 – Bloom

It’s been a week since Rose sprung the news on us about my great-aunt. I wanted to leave right away but Pike (he always has to be the rational one) reminded me we had things we needed to do before we could take off again. The item at the top of his to-do list is why I am now standing in Bonnie’s suite watching my white dress swish back and forth in front of her full length mirror.

Yep, he’s making me go through with the mating ceremony before we take off. Okay, maybe he’s not making me, but still you get the idea. He even used his Alpha voice when he informed me, “We will not be going anywhere until you and I are completely bound.”

Which, in case you don’t know, in Alpha shifter speak means not only does he plan on marking me with his bite; he also plans on putting his ring on my finger and making me his wife. Now, I wouldn’t be totally against this idea, but the way he went about the proposal pissed me off. Instead of getting down on one knee like a normal person to ask for my hand, I woke up one morning with the engagement ring already on my damn finger.

As you can see he’s got a little controlling since I was kidnapped by Trace. But still he should’ve asked! And that’s exactly what I yelled at him when I pushed his butt out of bed that morning. We had words. Mostly me yelling. Him smiling. Then he pulled me down on the floor with him and used that smooth southern accent to talk me around to his way of thinking. After I gave in and agreed he asked on a shit eating grin, “So do you like the ring?”

The ring in question has a thin white gold band with diamonds running up each side until they meet a large tear drop shaped diamond at the top. He informed me he picked the tear drop shape to remind us both of the tear lined path that led us to each other. So instead of throwing the ring in his face, like I should’ve done, I leaned in and kissed him.

Yep, I’m a sucker!

Anyways, that’s why I’m standing here looking at my reflection. Bonnie fixed my hair into loose curls and she pinned the sides back so it’s all hanging freely down my back exposing my neck and shoulders. Pike wants easy access to my neck, and who am I to deny him when I love how it feels when he kisses me there.

Emily did my make-up since I’m a hopeless case when it comes to the stuff. She kept it simple with mascara, a light eye shadow and blush, and a soft peach lipstick and lip gloss. I’m starting to think she’s a miracle worker, because I’ve never felt more feminine and beautiful.

“Blu, stop looking at yourself in the mirror and get over here to put your shoes on.” Bonnie tries to reprimand me, but I can hear the smile in her voice.

I take one more, long look at myself in the mirror to admire the beautiful dress I’m wearing. My white dress falls just below my knees. The bodice is made of satin and has a sweetheart neckline with a flowery bead design at my waist. The skirt flares out in to a bell shape and is covered in a flower patterned lace. Instead of the traditional pearls I’m wearing the diamond cross that my father gave me on my thirteenth birthday.

“I love you both.” I say spinning around to face Bonnie and Emily.

“We love you too.” They say in unison with matching smiles on their faces.

I run at them throwing an arm around each of their necks to pull them close. They both squeeze me tightly. Once we’ve all wrangled in the tears that are threatening to spill down our cheeks we pull back.

“Here you go.” Bonnie shakes her head, holding up my old brown cowboy boots. She cleaned the dirt and mud off and they almost look new. For about a day Emily and her tried to talk me into high heels, but I wouldn’t give in. I wanted my boots, and being the new Alpha female I got my boots.

I pull them both on, look down at myself, and then back up at them.

“You’re right. They’re perfect.” Emily concedes. Bonnie rolls her eyes, but since she’s smiling while she does it I know she agrees.

“Here, let’s finish the look.” Bonnie says as she hands me my small bouquet of blue hydrangeas and white roses.

As I take the bouquet there’s a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Emily calls.

“Is the bride ready?” Billy asks peaking his head around the door. Billy flew in so he could walk me down the aisle. The ceremony is going to be relatively small consisting of the pack, Billy, and Bonnie’s parents.

Holding my hand out I tell him. “I’m ready.”

“You look beautiful, doll.” He says coming in the rest of the way and taking my hand. A few weeks ago I would’ve been sad that my dad isn’t here too, but since Pike’s come into my life I’ve learned to live without that sadness hanging around. I know my father’s in heaven watching me and he’s happy that Billy is walking me down the aisle.