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Enlightening Bloom(10)

By:Michelle Turner

I straighten in my seat. “Elder Andrew, you have several connections to other packs. Can you get started on contacting them?”

“I’ll go start my calls now.” He replies as he moves to stand.

“Wait.” A small voice calls from behind us, pulling all of our attention to its owner. Bloom is standing in the doorway, holding on to Bonnie so she won’t collapse to the floor. Her beautiful skin is ashen and she looks so frail. I rush to her side and lift her into my arms. I plan on carrying her back to bed, but she stops me. “No, Pike.”

“You shouldn’t be out of bed.”

She lifts her hand to my jaw. She hesitates ever so briefly before touching me, but continues on placing her tiny hand against my face. The hesitation strikes a blow to my heart, but I push the hurt down because I can tell it’s taking her a lot of effort to do these simple movements. “This is important, Tennessee. Take me back to the table with you.”

I want to protest, but I can’t. If she has something to contribute I need to let her. I take my seat back at the head of the table with her in my arms. She may be shying away from my touch, but I can’t not have her with me when I know she’s hurting. I try to move as little as possible, because I can tell the littlest of movement is causing her pain. Bonnie takes up a stance to the back right of my chair. I ignore her and focus on my mate. “What do you need to tell us, Darlin’?”

Her eyes are focused on me instead of the people at the table. “We need to find my Great-aunt.”

“We will, but not until we get you better.”

“No, we need to go now. My gut is telling me she’ll be able to help.” I feel the tremor of pain rock her body as she speaks. I wish I can take her pain away, make it my own, anything so she isn’t going through this.

"We’re not sure exactly where to find her.” Tucker chimes in as the voice of reason.

“We know she’s in West Virginia.” Bonnie speaks up.

Tucker looks up at her. “But we don’t know where. And we can’t drag Bloom around the state trying to find the place in her condition.”

Elder Andrew Cade, who hasn’t sit back down joins the conversation again. “It’s a start. I know an Alpha from a pack there. Maybe he’ll know her or be able to point us to someone who does.”

“Thank you, Elder Andrew. Please, go do that now.” He gives a quick nod and then exits the room. I turn my attention back to the people still in the room. “If any of the rest of you have any contacts in that area, please go do the same. We need to find this woman as soon as possible.”

They all nod. Elder Fina and Elder Darius get up and leave the room. I presume to get in touch with contacts they have. The remaining Elders, Isla and Cathal, stay seated.

“I think we should get packed and on the road. Maybe by the time we make it to West Virginia we’ll have an exact location on this Aunt.” Bonnie suggests from her post behind me.

“I don’t think we should be moving Bloom until we know for sure that’s where we need to be.” I answer in response.

Bloom’s hand loosely grasps my shirt, grabbing my attention. “Yes, Darlin’?”

“My guts telling me West Virginia is right.” Her eyes flutter close as she talks. She’s on the verge of passing out from the pain. “We need to leave.”

Elder Cathal Burke speaks up. “Your mate is right. You need to get on the road.”

“But her condition…” Tucker and I both start at the same time.

Cathal holds up his hand to stop us. “I think I have a solution that will make the journey a little more comfortable for our Alpha female. Pack your bags and then come meet me out front.”

I nod, deciding to trust the Elder wolf.

Chapter 8 – Bonnie

“You’re freakin’ brilliant.” I tell the Elder as I pat him on the back, and grab for the keys hanging from his out stretched hand. His brilliant idea is to loan us his sweet RV. The thing is huge and even from the outside I can tell its top of the line. It’ll make Bloom a lot more comfortable on the ten plus hour drive to West Virginia.

Tucker beats me to the keys, shaking his head. “No way are we letting you drive us.”

Crossing my arms across my chest, and narrowing my eyes, I ask. “And why is that?”

“Because you’re hell on wheels. You know exactly how you are behind the wheel, and you know we need to get Bloom to West Virginia in one piece.” He puts his hand on the back of my neck to pull me into his side so he can whisper in my ear. “Stop giving me that look, Bonnie-bean, or you’ll force me to take you into that RV and spank that cute little ass.”