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Enlightening Bloom(3)

By:Michelle Turner

I won’t mark her until we’re alone, but at this moment I feel the need to lean in and kiss her neck, right where my mark will be tonight. A shiver runs through her body and when I pull back I’m grinning. Bloom rolls her eyes at my grin and I chuckle so quietly I know only she will hear it.

“Bloom, it’s your turn.” Cathal tells her.

Taking my face in both of her hands she begins. “Pike, I never knew the world held love like this. If someone would’ve told me it did I would’ve laughed in their face, but from the moment you came running into my life I’ve seen it everywhere. In the way you love and guide your pack, in the way you love and care for your sister, and in the way you love and protect me. For opening my eyes to this kind of world I promise to always stand by your side, to always care for you, and most of all I promise to always love you as my one true mate.”

As she finishes her words she tugs my face closer and plants her lips on mine. The wedding guests begin whooping and hollering, again.

“I’m pleased to introduce your newly mated Alpha pair, Mr. and Mrs. Pike Masterson.” Cathal shouts over the celebrating guests.

I pick Bloom up and spin her around, never letting our lips disconnect. Once I have her firmly back on her boot covered feet I throw my fist in the air to join in with the celebration. Out of the corner of my eye I see my beautiful mate shaking her head at me, but I know through our bond she’s smiling while she does it.

I guide Bloom back up the aisle through the confetti our guests are raining down on us and back into the house. We stop just inside the door and I pull her into me for another kiss.

“Are you ready for the party, Mrs. Masterson?” I ask against her lips.

“Can’t we skip the big party and go straight to the more intimate one, Mr. Masterson?” She whispers her question back.

“Don’t tempt me.” I rumble nuzzling into her neck, placing light kisses there.

“Mmmm, if you don’t stop, Tennessee, we’ll never make it to the reception.”

“Is there something wrong with that?” I ask, pulling her tighter against my body.

“Down boy,” She laughs as she attempts to push me away.

“Your husband is not a dog.” I playfully growl at her.

“Wolf shifter. Dog. Same thing.” She teases.

Scooping her up, I throw her over my shoulder, and swat her butt.

“For that I’m making you go to your reception,” I tell her carrying her back outside where our guests are waiting under the tent that’s set-up.

“Pike Masterson! Drop. Me. Now.” She half scolds, half giggles as she wiggles around on my shoulder.

“Fine if that’s what you want.” I tell her as I slip her off my shoulder and smoothly maneuver her backwards into a dip. “Are you sure you want me to drop you?”

Gripping my arms she pouts. “No Tennessee, don’t drop me. It’ll hurt.”

I scoop her back up into my arms and holding her close to my chest I promise. “Darlin’, hurting you is the last thing I’ll ever do.”

She rewards my promise with a deep kiss. One that’s more suited for the bedroom than a tent full of guests, but I’m definitely not complaining.

The sound of Tucker coughing pulls us apart. “Are you two ever going to come up for air long enough for us to congratulate you?”

Bloom pulls back enough that we can look at each other, and then turning to look at Tucker we both say in unison. “No.”

I bury my face in her neck to plant kisses, causing her to giggle. In front of us Tucker turns to the rest of our guests, and throwing up his arms announces. “Someone go get a crowbar. The love bird’s lips have fused together and we need to get them apart so we can start this party.”

Chapter 3 – Bloom

“No crowbar needed. We’ll behave.” I promise, still giggling as I try to wiggle away from Pike’s hands and lips.

“I think we should make them find the crowbar.” Pike says, making a grab to pull me back into his arms.

“Uh-uh.” I say, stepping back to keep out of his reach. “We’re going to do our Alpha duties, and if you do them really well I may reward you with a little...nibble.”

“Darlin’, you’re testing my limits. And if you keep it up I’ll gladly show you my breaking point.” He flashes me his best wolfish smile that stops me in my tracks.

Stepping between us Tucker says. “If I don’t stop you two now you’ll be playing this game of chase all night, and I’d rather be enjoying the party than watching that sappy shit.”

“Sorry to break it to you, Tuck, but this is a wedding and you’re going to see buckets full of the sappy stuff.”