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Enlightening Bloom(4)

By:Michelle Turner

“Damn.” He grumbles but at the same time he pulls me into a hug. “Congrats, Sis.”

“Thanks, brother.” I reply against his chest. He gives me one more, tight, squeeze before he releases me and turns to Pike.

“You better treat my sister right.” Tucker playfully threatens him as he pulls him in for an embrace.

Patting Tucker on the back. “You know I will.”

“Even so, it’s good to hear.” He looks behind him, and sees all the other guests waiting. “Well, I better stop monopolizing y’all and let the others congratulate the newlyweds.”

He winks at me, pats Pike on the shoulder, and then heads off in the direction of the bar. I’m pretty sure that’s where Bonnie is hiding, and I want nothing more than to go over and watch the show that I know those two are going to make. But I can’t because I have to stand here and accept the well wishes from our guests.

“Don’t pout Darlin’. I’m sure those two will put on more than one show tonight, and you’ll catch at least one.” Pike chuckles at me through our bond.

“That’s the truth.” I laugh. “What are we going to do with those two, Tennessee?”

“Be patient. Bonnie will give Tucker a break at some point.”

“Are you seriously talking about the same Bonnie I know?”

“You’re right we might have to assist them.” He admits.

“We already got Tucker to change his idiotic plan, but I don’t think Bonnie is giving in anytime soon. She’s getting too much joy out of tormenting him.”

“I think you’re going to have to talk to her. There has to be something stopping her from giving in to the connection.”

“I’ll find out what’s going on.” I say through our bond as I continue to accept the congratulations from our guests.

“Soon Darlin’. We don’t need those two acting like this when we’re all off searching for your great-aunt.” Pike tells me as he accepts the handshakes and hugs offered to him from his pack.

“I will.”

By the time we pull out of our connection we’ve already greeted and thanked all the guests who were lined up to congratulate us, so Pike takes my hand and leads us to the head table. When Pike informed me that we’d be reciting wedding vows we discussed turning the reception into a normal wedding reception, but we both decided that was too structured for our liking. Though we did agree on letting the guests make toasts.

“What would you like to do first? Food? Drink? Dance?” Pike asks, as he leans into me with his hand on my lower back, and his lips close to my ear.

I look over at the bar where I last saw our two best friends, and then back at my mate. I’m grinning when I respond. “Drink.”

“I should’ve known.” he shakes his head. We make our way to the bar and promptly order our drinks (a beer for Pike, and a Long Island Iced Tea for me). Sitting on the stool I turn my back to Pike so I can face Bonnie and Tucker.

“Sooo, how’s it going?” I ask on a grin.

“Darlin’, they’re being good don’t start trouble.” Pike warns me through our bond as he leans into me, wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me and my stool closer to him.

“I would never.” I reply in my most innocent voice.

“Uh-huh. And a wolf doesn’t bite.”

Bonnie turns to me, gripping the stem of her martini glass so hard I can see the white of her knuckles. She plasters a smile on her face, and through gritted teeth says. “It’s going abso-freakin-lutely wonderfully. Your brother here...”

“Your mate!” Tucker interrupts her.

Bonnie takes a deep breath, lets it out, and then continues ignoring Tucker. “Your brother, won’t stop following me around like a lost dog. He scares off any single guy that gets within thirty feet of me!”

“They’re lucky I let them that close.” Tucker mumbles, as he takes another drink of his whiskey.

“Who do you think you are?” Bonnie turns and glares at him.

Tucker lets out a sigh, sets down his drink, and then turns to his mate. “I don’t think I’m anyone. I know that I’m your mate.”

“No. You’re. Not!” Bonnie punctuates each word.

Tucker leans in, pulls her off her stool, and on to her feet. Pressing her body flush against his. “I know you feel this, Bonnie-bean, so you need to stop denying it.”

“I feel nothing.” She tries to sound strong, but her words come out a husky whisper.

Tucker chuckles comes out roughly, as he runs a finger down the side of Bonnie’s cheek. “You feel it. That sensation that your whole body is throbbing, waiting on a release that never comes.”