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Enlightening Bloom(50)

By:Michelle Turner

I watch Rose’s nose wrinkle up at the mention of dresses and it causes me to laugh. She is mine through and through. I twerk her braid to get her attention. “How about after the guns I take you fishing?”

Her face lights up as she nods her head. “Can Daddy go too?”

I return her smile. “Only as long as he baits his own hook this time.”

She laughs at the memory and looks at Pike. “Will you?”

He scrunches up his face in mock disgust, causing her to giggle. “Fine, Daddy. I’ll bait your line for you.”

“Thanks, baby girl.”

It’s not long before the plates are empty and the kids are ready to go outside and play. I watch the three cousins as they slip back into their shoes. They’re on the verge of pushing Bonnie and Tucker out the front door when Killian walks in. He rubs the twins’ chocolate covered hair affectionately, and then like he always does with his niece he picks her up and hugs her. She squeals as she throws her arms around her uncle, peppering kisses on his jaw. My little girl loves her family, every one of them, but from the time she was a baby she’s connected with her Uncle Killian the most.

“How’s my flower today?” He asks not putting her down.

She starts rattling off her plans for the day and he smiles, taking every word in. He never interrupts her, he just lets her be her talkative five year old self. But this time she stops midsentence and looks at him with her eyes full of happiness. Placing her little hand to his cheek she smiles brightly as she tells him. “Uncle Killian, you don’t have to be sad no more.”

Killian’s chuckles uncomfortably as he replies. “I’m not sad, my flower.”

Rose’s face scrunches up as she puckers her lips. “Yes, you are. I can feel it in here.” She points to her belly. The adults in the room gasp in shock, myself included. It’s too early for her gifts to kick in. But my little girl ignores us all because in this moment she has eyes only for her Uncle. She leans in close so their faces are almost touching and tells him. “You’re going to find her.”

“Find who?” Killian asks.

She lays her hand over his chest and whispers. “The one who can fix your heart.”

Killian turns shocked eyes to me and asks. “Is she saying what I think she is?”

I smile at Rose, who is still beaming at her favorite Uncle’s scared face, and reply. “Well, she is mine.”

He puts her down and asks all flustered. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

Tucker clasps him on the shoulder and with a laugh says. “I think it means you better get prepared. You’re getting a mate, little brother.”

The End