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Enlightening Bloom(7)

By:Michelle Turner

“She’s perfect for you.” Emily squeezes my shoulder to pull my attention back to her.

“She is.” I smile at my little sister. She’s dressed in a knee length blue dress that almost matches both of our eye’s perfectly. At Bloom’s request she’s wearing cowboy boots instead of heels. Knowing my sister she hated that idea, but since she loves my mate she gave in. Emily is beautiful tonight, but in my eyes she always has been. She received most of my mother’s traits and at times she’s such a spitting image that it causes memories to come back that make my heart swell. As her big brother I thought it would be hard to see her grow out of the little girl I used to tease and protect, but it isn’t, because I’m proud of the woman she’s become and I’m happy she’s found her mate. I know just like Bloom is my perfect half, Kit is Emily’s.

“How are the plans coming for your ceremony?” Her mating ceremony is in a few days. We wanted to seal their bond before the search for Bloom’s aunt took us away so I could be here to help celebrate.

“They’re finished. Only thing left to handle are the day of details.” She smiles warmly at me. “Thank you for staying for it. I know how important the trip you’re going on is.”

"It is. But being here for my only sister’s mating ceremony is just as important to me.” Her eyes fill with what I hope are happy tears and she pulls me closer for a hug. We continue to sway like that, hugging each other close, through the rest of the song. When it ends I hand Emily off to Kit who was waiting close by for his mate. Then I make my way to mine.

I push the curls hanging down her back over one shoulder and use my fingertip to trace a pattern over the other. Right where I plan on putting my mark. She shivers under my touch, but continues her conversation with Billy. I’m so focused on that little spot that I have no clue what the two of them are discussing. After I don’t know how long I feel her hand cover mine and she turns her head to look at me.

“Time to leave.” It’s not a question, but a command. One I’m more than happy to follow. I nod in response. Honestly, it’s all I can do. This is a huge moment for the two of us. A moment we’ll both remember until our last days. And I can’t find the right words to say.

She lets me take her hand and guide her away from the party. We both throw out goodbye here and there to guests we pass, but I refuse to let us stop and get caught up in any conversations.

Once we’re locked away in our suite I turn her so she’s facing forward, with her back pressed firmly to my front. My arms are wrapped around her middle, her’s are laying over top of mine. I’m guiding her towards our room. All the while taking the time to whisper in her ear how much I love her. Not that those words will ever do justice to what she means to me, I still need to say them. Just inside our door I stop us so she can take in the full scene. Our normal bedding has been switched out for a comforter and sheets that are as white as freshly fallen snow. Every surface is covered in lit pillar candles of various sizes. And there’s an instrumental melody filling the air that’s both sensual and somehow sweet. Just like my Bloom.

She turns in my arms so she’s now facing me. She wraps her arms around my waist, and looks into my eyes. “It’s perfect.” Instead of responding I shift my fingers through her hair to pull her lips to mine for a deep kiss. Bloom pulls back, and with passion burning in her hazel eyes whispers. “Mark me, Tennessee.”

I move us further into the room, press my lips to my favorite freckle right in the crook of her neck, and whisper against her skin. “As you wish, Darlin’.” I let my teeth sharpen into that of my wolf. I place one hand at the small of her back, holding her closer to me. The other is sifted into her hair at the other side of her neck. Her breathing is heavy against my own skin, from both fear and want. Or maybe more from need. A need so thick it’s pulsating around the room. We need each other. We’ve always needed each other, even when we didn’t know who the other was. And we always will need each other. It’s how we’re made. I give into that need I feel to the very core of me, and through the bond I feel to the core of my mate, and I sink my teeth into her soft flesh.

I close my eyes, letting the pure pleasure of the moment wash over me. She’s now unmistakably mine. I don’t want the moment to end but I know there are still good moments ahead of us, so I retract my teeth and lick the spot to clean it. She’s still in my arms, but now that my mind is clearing I feel how tense she is. I pull back, still holding onto her, and take in her face. It’s scrunched in to one of pain.