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Enlightening Bloom(8)

By:Michelle Turner

“Bloom?” I ask, confused as to what’s happening. She pulls out of my arms and crumples to the floor, letting out a blood curdling scream. Her pain hits me so hard it knocks me to my knees, so I’m right in front of her on the bedroom floor. I hate doing it. I never want to block my mate, but if I’m going to help her that’s what I have to do. Blocking her causes the pain to dull to a bearable level. I pull her into my lap and run my hands through her hair, trying to soothe her.

Through the pack bond I call for help. Tucker finds us there huddled in the middle of our bedroom floor. Bloom is crying and in so much pain she’s unresponsive to anything around her, including myself. I, the big bad Alpha, have my own tears streaming down my face. I’m rendered useless when my mate needs me the most.

Chapter 6 – Tucker

The whole pack hears the scream. Even if we hadn’t, we still would’ve felt the pain coming through the pack bond from both our Alphas. I’m already taking the stairs three steps at a time when Pike calls for me. I skipped the elevator because I don’t have the patience to wait, plus I can get there faster running up the stairs like I am now.

I make it to the top floor in record time. The pain still filtering to me through the bond tells me no-one will answer their door if I knock, so I kick it open and swiftly move to find them. I hesitate just inside their bedroom to take in the scene. Pike, a person I’ve seen deal with not only one of his parents deaths, but both, a man I’ve only ever seen as strong, is sitting in the middle of his bedroom floor, looking broken, while he rocks my sister in his arms. She’s curled in on herself and though she’s stopped screaming I can still hear her whimpering in pain. Tears are pouring out of both of their eyes.

Swallowing back my hesitation I move into action. I send a call through the bond for our pack doctor. Then I crouch down in front of my Alphas. It’s on my lips to ask what happened, but before I can get the words out Pike sends me the image of him marking Bloom and the aftermath that happened. I’m at a loss. I haven’t marked Bonnie, yet, but I know this isn’t a normal reaction. I take a deep breath and release it, and then I try to help the only way I know how.

“Alpha, maybe we should move your mate to the bed so she can be more comfortable. I’ve called for Doc and he’ll be here any moment to help.” I tell Pike, making sure to show respect and submission. His wolf is so close to the surface that anything could set him off.

Pike doesn’t answer, but he does stand up with Bloom still in his arms and moves her to their bed. He lays her out on top of the pure white comforter, and then sits on the edge of the bed beside her. She rolls away from him, curling in on herself. I catch the hurt that crosses his face, but he pushes it away quickly to keep his focus on her.

I go out to the living room to wait on Doc. When he comes running into the suite I stop him and give him the low down of what happened. I can tell by his face that he’s just as confused by this as I am. A mark should not cause the mated pain. Without saying anything he goes into the bedroom and I’m left alone pacing the living room floor.

Bonnie comes running into the suite. I catch her around her middle to stop her from storming into Pike and Bloom’s room. Doc needs to focus. And I don’t want Pike ripping my mates head off, and in his current state and how Bonnie’s mouth doesn’t know how to stop running, it would surely happen. She punches my chest as she tries to push out of my arms.

“Let me go!” She cries. “She needs me.”

I twist both of her arms so they’re behind her back, trapped in one of my hands. Then using the other hand under her chin I lift her face to mine. “It’s not safe for you in there.”

“I can take care of myself.” She spits out and tries to squirm out of my grip. Her squirming gets her no-where, so she gives up and resigns herself to glaring at me. If this was a different situation I’d find her trying to fight me and that glare damn cute, but it’s not.

“Pike’s barely holding it together, Bonnie. I won’t let you go into such a volatile situation.” I try to reason with her.

Her face gets red, and I see I’ve said the wrong thing before she even responds. “You won’t let me?” She goes back to trying to squirm out of my grip. “Screw you! My best friend is in that other room in pain and you won’t keep me away from her.”

I shake her, hoping it’ll get her to stop struggling and listen to me. “Doc’s in there, checking her out. There’s nothing you can do for her right now.”

She stops struggling and lets her head fall forward against my chest. She speaks her next words so softly that if I didn’t have my wolf hearing I would’ve never heard them. “I can feel her pain.”