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Enlightening Bloom(9)

By:Michelle Turner

I hate having to move her off my chest, but I do it so I can see her face. “You can feel her pain?”

Her tear filled eyes latch on to mine and she nods.

I release her so I can scrub my hands over my face. Bonnie should not be feeling Bloom’s pain. The only reason she would is if she was officially made part of the pack by Pike and Bloom. Which she hasn’t been. Or if she was brought into the pack by us completing our mating. Which we haven’t. So how the hell is she feeling this?

“What’s happening to me?” Bonnie asks, apparently she’s listening to my thoughts.

“I’m not sure. We’ll ask Doc if he has any idea when he comes out.” I tell her going back to her and putting my arms around her. Normally she’d fight me over this, but at the moment she’s too distracted by worry.

“You’ll ask me what?” Doc asks, walking back out of the bedroom. He’s looking down, fiddling with his supply bag.

“Why would Bonnie be feeling Bloom’s pain?”

Doc stops mid-step and his head snaps up to us. He looks at Bonnie intently without saying anything. Then he looks at me and answers. “She shouldn’t.” He collapses into the seat closest to him and shakes his head. “None of this makes sense.”

I sit down in the seat across from him, pulling Bonnie down with me. “What?”

Doc leans forward, putting his elbows on his knees, and his head on his hands. “I can’t find a reason why Bloom is in pain. Other than Pike marking her.” He stops talking and sits up straighter. “But we all know a marking doesn’t inflict pain.” He nods towards Bonnie. “And now your mate is connected to our Alpha female when she shouldn’t be. None of this is making sense.”

“What do we do now?” I ask.

“Call in the Elders. They may have some insight.” He stands up, grabbing his bag. “My medicine isn’t going to be of help here. I gave her pain medicine. I don’t think it’s going to help, but if it does I left more of it on her night stand.”

I hold out my hand and he takes it, shaking it firmly. “Thanks.”

“I wish I could’ve been more help. Call me if you want me to come back. But I believe this is a situation that calls for the Elders instead of me.” I nod in understanding. He leaves the room and I send out the call for the Elders. I also call for Emily and Kit. Emily is the only blood family Pike has left. With Bloom incapacitated, Emily may be the only one able to calm him.

Chapter 7 – Pike

“Alpha, the Elders are all here.” I lift my eyes to Tuckers voice. He’s standing in the door frame of the bedroom. His eyes are downcast, showing submission. It’s a smart step. My wolf is close to the surface, wanting to get out and help our mate. But he can’t help her no more than I can, and I can’t help at all. She’s curled in on herself in our bed, whimpering. My touch isn’t doing anything to soothe her, and neither is the medicine Doc gave her. I’m praying that the Elders can help somehow, but I’m hesitant to leave my mate’s side. I’m worried she’ll get worse if I do.

“Go, Pike.” Emily says, placing her hand on my shoulder, drawing my attention to her. She arrived shortly before the Elders and took up a silent station by my side. “I’ll keep an eye on her for you and if anything changes I’ll come for you immediately.”

I give in with a nod. Then I stand and lean into the bed, placing a kiss on Blooms forehead. “I’ll be back soon, Darlin’. I’m going to go try to find a way to help you.” She whimpers some more, but other than that doesn’t say anything. I sigh and follow Tucker out of the room. As I’m coming out Bonnie slips in. I expected her to be in there before now, but for some reason she’s been absent. It confuses me as to why she wouldn’t have come immediately to her friend’s side, but I don’t have time to figure that out right now.

The Elders are all sitting around the dining room table. I take a seat at the head and Tucker takes the empty seat at my right. I scan all of their faces, hoping I’ll see something encouraging, but I’m met only with worry, concern, and confusion. Damn!

“Has Tucker briefed you all?” I ask. There are yes’ and nods around the table, so I continue. “Have any of you seen or heard of this before?” No’s sound from the people around the table and I hang my head in defeat. If the Elders and Doc can’t help I don’t know where else to turn.

“We can send out request to other packs. Maybe another Elder has seen this.” Elder Isla Drake suggests. She places her hand over mine from her seat at my left. I meet her eyes and see the hope there.