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Filthy (A Bad Boy Romance)(42)

By:Katherine Lace

Her arms circled me, thighs forcing the tip of my cock against her pussy. The sensation blinded me, showing me colors that shouldn't exist. Too much whiskey, I reminded myself.

The hunger in my belly burned. My prick couldn't have been harder, it was ready to shred the condom into useless bits. She puffed out a heavy breath, the noise vibrating over her tongue.

“Excited?” I teased, rubbing the fat cock-head against her wetness.

“Yeah,” she whispered.

“Is that all you can say?” Smirking like a half-moon, I pushed harder—spreading her a mere inch. Her warmth was intense, it took everything I had not to ram balls-deep. “Tell me you want it. I want to hear you screaming my name.”

Nix went pinker than ever, avoiding my stare. “I... forgot your name.”

I started to laugh, but the motion forced my cock deeper. Groaning, I bit my tongue and grinned. Sweat slid between my shoulder blades from my willpower.

“Naughty girl, I wait until the next day at least to forget someone's name.” What was the point in storing that information? “It's Abell.” Thrusting fiercely, I listened to her cry out—and I joined her. “Say it, say my name or I'll stop right here.”

It was a lie.

There was no way I'd stop fucking that perfect pussy.

Nix whined, her muscles convulsing under me as the sensation of my cock stuffing her finally reached her brain. “Abell!” she hissed, eyes wide, seeing nothing. “Abell, it's Abell! Now just fuck me, please, just...”

Kissing her throat, I moved up, nipping her earlobe. Then I offered her the darkest, most private of whispers. “I love how you sound when you beg for it.”

Arching my spine, I slid out so only the tip was inside her hugging warmth. Without missing a beat, I slammed forward, the wet sound of our contact echoing through my apartment.

She squealed, crushing my cock with the most greedy pussy I'd ever met. Her pace was faster than I expected; her body reaching for me, closing the distance again and again.

Nix thrust along my shaft with so much desperation, I had to adjust to her speed. “When was the last time you got laid?” I asked breathlessly. “A hundred damn years ago?”

Ignoring me, she cut into my back with her nails. Her panting scorched my ear. Nix clutched me, demanding my cock—making it clear she was used to getting her way.

Heat bloomed in my chest, then slid down into my belly. Tension flooded my muscles, the tingles taking hold. I knew I was going to finish soon, but I wanted her to cum first. I always made my partner cum before me.

It was one of my few generosities.

Wrapping my lips on hers, I cut off her erotic moaning. I slid over her teeth, explored her roof. All the while I kept thrusting, my thick cock pushing the limit of her body.

I could feel how tight she was, stretching near the breaking point. Nix was soaked, more excited than I remembered anyone else being—without more work, that is. And fuck, she felt amazing.

My skin was going numb, my mouth buttery, almost too sensitive. The telltale flutter of her pussy warned me she was near orgasm. Hugging her against me, I broke the kiss. The dazed centers of her eyes met mine, saw my grin.

Lowering my face, I circled the tip of her left nipple, suckling gently. “Oh!” she cried, jerking without control. I held her close, tongue making patterns on her pink flesh. Around my expanding cock, her walls rippled.

“Cum for me,” I growled in her ear. “You're right there, babe. Go for it... I need to feel you milking my cock.”

Sobbing, her thighs choked my waist as she shook. The pressure of her release put me into overdrive. I bent her hips up, my arms hooking under her legs. While she was still shaking from orgasm, I pounded into her vigorously.

Nix bent in two, her knees by her ears. She was flexible, and that turned me on in a way I could never describe. It toyed at me with future promises, told me the things she could do... the things I could do to her.

Grunting, I grit my teeth until my skull throbbed. Warmth attacked my core, my balls tightening as I started to cum. The condom worked, but I swear, I filled it so violently the latex was ready to split.

“Fuck,” I said, sweat dripping down my neck. Below me, Nix had shut her eyes. Her cunt embraced me, making it tempting to stay inside of her. Just enjoy it. Ride that pleasure out.

I waited longer than usual, studying her eyelashes, the mild curve of her nose. She was beautiful. How had I not noticed just how beautiful until now?

Her head lolled to one side. “Right,” she mumbled. “I will, I know.”

Startled, I waited for her to explain what she was talking about. Nix was lying there, her eyelids twitching. She's dreaming. I'd fucked her so good that, combined with the alcohol, she was out cold.

Shifting, she said softly, “I'll do it. Trust me. I do everything you ask, I always have.”

I hated the idea of waking her. Gently, I slid backwards, my shaft dragging inch by inch along her slickness. The sensation was delicious, I had to squeeze my eyes shut and bite my tongue to stay quiet. Dammit, she feels too good.

Finally I was free. Sighing, I tossed the condom into the trashcan near the bed. As carefully as I could, I peeled my blankets back. Guess she's staying the night, I thought, bemused.

Naked as she was, my room—weak to the December temperatures—proved to be too much. Her shivers were subtle, but I felt them through the mattress. Frowning, I tugged the blankets back, amazed she didn't wake up.

I'm getting all of my good deeds for the year out of the way. That was what I told myself as I covered her up, tucking the blankets firmly around her chin. Lying under them beside her, I kept watching the side of her face.

This bold woman... brave enough to stand up against a muscled brute, to protect an unknown person, and to insist the right thing be done in the aftermath.

A woman who had proved to be just as eager, as hungry, as I was.

The buzzing at the stem of my brain kept trying to tell me this was special. That she, this stranger, was special.


She's like every other woman I've hooked up with.

That didn't sound true. But it was.

It had to be.

No one in this world was special. Everyone was out for themselves. People were selfish to their core, they always proved it in the end.

She's nobody.

With that on my mind, I drifted off to sleep.