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Her Touch(48)

By:Alexa Riley

There’s nothing more important than my Maggie, and I plan on proving that every day for the rest of our lives.



Six years later…


I hear Eli call through the house, and I cover my mouth to hide the laughter. I don’t know why I’m laughing, but I always do when I get nervous. Fear and giggles try to erupt from my chest, but I stay still, not wanting to ruin the surprise.

We’ve been married almost six years now. I graduated high school early and then went straight into college. Eli got a ring on me the second he could, and we were running down the aisle about thirty seconds later. He’s been after me to have a baby since our honeymoon, but I said I wanted to finish school first. I got a degree in nursing and ended up majoring in physical therapy. After I graduated from that, Eli and I started our own practice, and we’ve been building it up the past couple of years. I know he wants a baby, and I think we’re both finally in the right place for that to happen.

“Maggie?” I hear the question in his voice as he goes from room to room.

Finally, after he walks up and down the hallway twice, he opens the door to the spare bedroom. I see the door open, and it takes a second for him to look around and register what’s happening.

I’ve spent the past two months secretly creating a baby’s room. I even put the crib together all by myself one afternoon when he and Major went fishing. The whole room is bathed in pink and fluffy things, and I’m standing in the middle with a picture of a sonogram.

Eli is shocked silent as his eyes find me. He looks down at the framed picture and then back to me. His cheeks turn red, and his eyes fill with tears. It makes my hormones jump for joy, but I stand there and tell him what he’s been waiting so long to hear.

“I went to the doctor and found out I was pregnant. I waited until I could find out what we were having to tell you. Surprise, cupcake. We’re having a girl.”

“Sunshine?” His voice is thick with emotion as he takes a step toward me. “This better not be a joke.”

“Nope. You’re going to be a daddy.”

With those words, he rushes to me and sweeps me off my feet. I laugh out loud as he swings me in a circle, but then he stops abruptly and puts me down.

“Oh God, I have to be careful,” he says, looking down at me in shock.

Suddenly he drops to his knees and pushes my shirt up, exposing my stomach.

“I love you so much, baby girl,” he says, kissing my belly.

My baby hormones are all over the place, and I immediately burst into tears. Eli sees me and stands up, cradling me in his arms and carrying me over to the rocking chair.

“This is supposed to be for the baby,” I say as I laugh through tears.

“It is. I’m just rocking her a little early, that’s all.”

He kisses my cheeks and wipes my tears away. It was the perfect way to surprise him, and the perfect way to start our next chapter. Life couldn’t get much better.