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Her Viking Wolves(132)

By:Theodora Taylor

“Well, that’s not what’s happening here,” Rafe informed him. “He’s a criminal, and even if he’s not shifted, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t banished for something.”

Chloe was having a hard time figuring out how she should be reacting to this conversation. Though she was happy Rafe decided to come to her defense—eventually—the longer he discussed this topic with Doc Fischer, the more nervous and on edge she felt. Plus, she could still feel the maybe-Viking’s eyes burning hot on her, which made her feel even more awkward.

“All right, if you say so. I mean, you’re the alpha prince,” Doc Fischer answered. It was impossible not to hear the insincerity in his words. He might as well have said, “You’re being unreasonable, but I’ll just go ahead and agree with you because you’re the entitled alpha prince.”

And apparently Rafe sensed his real meaning, too, because he said, “I’ll prove it. If he came back here for Chloe, then he’d go ape if I kissed her in front of him, right?”

The doctor nodded. “Yes, he’s her fated mate, he’d definitely ‘go ape’ as you call it.”

Rafe turned to her and cupped her shoulders. Chloe immediately felt her body tense.

“It’s okay,” Rafe said. “I know you don’t like public displays of affection, but this is for a good cause.”

This didn’t soothe Chloe any. The truth was, she had told Rafe early in their engagement she didn’t like kissing in front of other people, but that had been an excuse to keep their make-out sessions contained. Rafe was outrageously handsome, and she loved talking with him and laughing with him and hugging him and even cuddling with him. However, kissing him gave her a slight case of the heebie-jeebies, and she had to not only brace herself for his kisses, but also concentrate on something else altogether in order to keep it from showing. More than one Black Mountain Woman blog post had been completely composed in her head, while she forced herself to make out with Rafe.

But in this case, she didn’t really have time to fully brace herself before his lips fell on hers. And she immediately set all her attention to fighting the weird urge to rip her lips away from his that always overtook her when they were intimate. However, less than a few seconds into the wildly uncomfortable kiss, they were interrupted by a loud clanging sound.

Rafe pulled away from the kiss, which allowed her to see the source of the sound. It was the maybe-Viking. He was thrashing in the bed, and the handcuffs clanged against the bed’s metal railing, he was straining so hard to break free. His face had turned red with anger, and she could actually see the veins in his neck. And that was before he started spewing his strange language, directing several words toward Rafe that Chloe was fairly sure involved some really harsh threats and expletives.#p#分页标题#e#

Seeing this display of temper paralyzed Chloe, rooting her in place. But Doc Fischer, who held degrees in both medical and veterinary science and had apparently seen it all, lazily prepared a syringe before stepping forward and plunging it into the maybe Viking’s arm without a word.

The sedative only took a few moments to take hold, but the maybe Viking fought his restraints the entire time, his eyes bulging and locked on Rafe as he cursed in his foreign language, his face screwed up with rage, until eventually his words began to slur and he fell back against the bed in another heavy sleep.

After he passed out, Doc Fischer regarded them both with the cynical aplomb. “Well, I think that answers our question.”