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His Plaything(2)

By:Ava Jackson

I threw the front door shut behind me, not wanting to miss the way her juicy ass wiggled as she undid her shoe's straps. “Damn, you’ve got a fine ass,” I commented.

Tossing me a sultry look over her shoulder, she gave a throaty chuckle. “Thanks, babe. It's a tired ass. Just got off an all-night shift.”

“Oh? Do you want to reschedule?” I teased, already stalking toward her. “I can pencil you in for next Friday.”

“No chance in hell.” She turned and sat on the dining room table, spreading her knees to reveal a lacy black thong. “I've always got energy for my favorite SEAL. Especially after you've been gone so long.” Her hand trailed up her flat stomach to her cleavage, undoing the buttons one by one, revealing the huge, round tits barely contained by her bra.

Holy mother of God. A luscious sight like that hadn't graced my eyes in way too many months, and it was almost enough to make me drool. Well, two can play at that game. I pulled off my T-shirt and didn't miss her leer of appreciation.

She licked her cherry-painted lips. “Get over here and fuck me.”

“Hey, just because I make my living taking orders doesn't mean you're in charge here.” Grinning, I stepped between her legs and pushed her flat on her back, rocking my hips to let her feel how hard I was.

She moaned and squirmed against me. “Smartass. What if I sucked your cock first?”

I drew in a harsh breath despite myself. What red-blooded man could turn down a BJ from a bombshell like Pam? Besides, it was probably for the best. After months of nothing but jerking off, my stamina wouldn't be up to par right away—and I was more than capable of getting hard for two rounds in a row. I nodded at her. “In that case, I might let it slide. Just this once.”

She immediately wriggled down between me and the table, onto her knees. Staring up at me through her full, sooty lashes, brazen and seductive, she unzipped my jeans and pulled out my rock hard cock. She held the base with one hand and licked a slow stripe up to the tip, circling her tongue around the head. My hips stuttered. I braced myself on the table with one hand and tangled the other in her hair—just as she dove her whole mouth down.

I gave a long, loud groan. Pam always sucked my dick like she was trying to pull the life out of me. At this rate, I was going to come any second. And that was exactly what she wanted. Her cheeks hollowed and she bobbed her head faster, tightening her grip. Her tongue flickered right at the sensitive spot where the head met the shaft. She cupped my balls with her free hand, and I swore out loud.

Out of nowhere, an image of Avery popped into my head. Heat rushed through me like a bolt of lightning. My stepsister's peach-soft lips would look amazing sealed around my cock. Her lashes would flutter as she sneaked shy glances up at my face, wanting to make sure she'd pleased me, wanting so badly to taste my cum, oh fuck, oh—

Before I knew it, I was coming hard. Pam dug her fake nails into my thighs and swallowed every drop. Then, without missing a beat, she pulled off her panties and lay back down on the table with legs spread. Two fingers slipped down to tease her clit, taunting me with my own private peepshow. “Hurry up or I'll finish the job myself,” she moaned.

I shook my head, trying to dispel that disorienting, enticing image of Avery on her knees in front of me. “No way I'll let you have all the fun,” I replied. I grabbed Pam's wrists with one hand, pushing up her blouse with the other. I licked and kneaded her firm tits until she writhed with anticipation, making wordless pleading noises that flashed straight down my spine. That familiar ache of hardness was quickly creeping into my cock again. I kicked off my pants, pulled a condom out of my pocket, and rolled it on.

I didn't waste time with any more foreplay; she had been soaked from the moment she walked in here, and God knew I couldn't stand to wait another second. I just pushed her knees up to her shoulders and slammed home. “Yes! Jesus!” she screamed.

I thrust in fast and deep, fucking her in a way that guaranteed she’d still be feeling me tomorrow. Her tits bounced as she struggled to meet my thrusts. Her cunt was so hot and wet and unbelievably eager, grasping my cock like it never wanted to let go. I hadn't realized how much I'd craved this until I tasted it again. I bent my head to bite at her huge, round breasts that wobbled so enticingly in my face. Avery's tits would probably be smaller, but perkier to make up for it. Her skin would be pale instead of tanned, showing every mark I sucked into her skin.

Too late, I caught myself. Goddammit! Why couldn't I keep Avery out of my head? I couldn't stop imagining what she'd look like beneath me, couldn't stop superimposing her face over Pam's. Every time I pushed away one thought of her, two more popped up.