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Honored_ An Alpha Mob Romance

By:B. B. Hamel

Honored_ An Alpha Mob Romance (City Series Book 4) - Hamel, B. B_

Chapter One: Liam

“I’m pretty sure she’s with that guy.”

I grinned at Leary. “Does it matter?” I asked.

The bar was packed like it hadn’t been in a long time with tweakers, thieves, and muscle, all trying to get a leg up in the Mob. I scanned the room, ignoring the faces I didn’t recognize, and finally caught the eye of the young pretty redhead over near the door. I smiled back at her, and she looked away quickly. I smirked, realizing the guy with the leather jacket next to her was probably her boyfriend, or at least some idiot trying to be.

Didn’t matter to me either way.

“You’re such an asshole, you know that?” Leary said, laughing.

I looked at him and shrugged. Leary was a good guy, maybe my best friend in the Mob, but he was a little limited when it came to women. He got his, no doubt about it, but the word “boyfriend” still meant something to him.

I was a little more evolved than that.

“Only if she isn’t interested.” I paused and sipped my drink. “Which she is.”

Leary laughed and downed his drink, shaking his head.

I looked away, trying to ignore the noise of the packed room. Ever since the big chaos happened, and the Mob was torn apart by the old boss, Drake’s was twice as full and twice as loud. People weren’t afraid like they used to be.

But they should have been. Chaos in the Mob meant more bodies in the streets. The true Right People knew that, knew that when a big gang like the Irish Mob went insane, it was best to get out of the way until the smoke cleared.

Two months after the boss skipped town and the place was still plenty smoky.

I glanced down the bar and grinned as I caught the redhead’s eye again. She lingered that time, not turning away immediately, and I knew I had her. It was only a matter of when she’d find an excuse to walk my way. I ordered another whisky, content to wait.

“What’s with the crowd tonight?” Leary asked me.

I looked back at him and shrugged. “Not sure,” I said.

Leary wasn’t one of the Right People, although he wanted to be. We had gone to high school together, back in the day, but our paths diverged from there. Where he began to do meth and deal in minor crime, I worked my way through the ranks and was made Right over two years ago. Around then, Leary started showing up at Drake’s, and we quickly became friends again. He did some jobs for the Mob, though nothing major. But he wasn’t an insider, and, if he kept going down the path he was on, he never would be. Which is why he decided he’d try to get sober. As far as I knew, he hadn’t touched the drugs in a while, though he was compensating with plenty of drink.

“Lotta fucking pussy tonight,” he said, grinning.

“Yeah, and what are you going to do about it?”

“Fuck you, Liam. You’re not the only one who can get some.”

I shrugged, sipping my drink. “Maybe not.”

Leary may have been in the business for a while, but he had never been smart enough or ruthless enough to get a real piece of the action. So when the chaos started, Leary knew something was up, but he didn’t know exactly what was going on. I wasn’t about to fill him in, either. We didn’t need every junkie and knee-breaker in the city panicking because Leary couldn’t keep his idiot mouth shut.

“Check it out,” he said, nudging me.

I glanced up and saw her: the redhead from the other end of the bar was headed in my direction.

“Catch you later, Leary,” I said, knocking back my drink and standing.

“Whatever,” he said, laughing.

I quickly moved through the crowd, making a beeline for her. She was a short little thing, maybe five four at best, and I made her look tiny. That was fine with me; I liked small girls, made them easy to throw around a bit. Plus, little girls like her tended to go for big guys like me.

“Hey,” I said to her, cutting through the music.

She stopped and smiled at me. “Hey yourself,” she said.

I stepped close to her. I could almost feel the tension between us spark immediately. Her tits were nice and big, and they heaved as she began to breathe heavy. Her whole body turned toward me as I got closer, and her full lips parted slightly into a cute little smile. I could practically read her like a book.

She was aching for me.

“Where you headed?” I asked.

She laughed. “Do I know you?”

“Not yet. I’m Liam.”

I stepped in close, giving her my best smile. I stopped a few inches away from her, definitely violating her personal space, but she didn’t seem to mind. She was playing it cool, though I could see through her. She was practically begging for it.