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Hunter(Zeus's Pack 5)(2)

By:Lynn Hagen

The man’s nervous jitters were making Quinn jumpy. “Who’s after you, Tristan?” He started the car and waited for a reply.

“A very bad man, sir.” Tristan’s lips curled in as he fidgeted around, brushing a stray lock of red hair from his eyes. Quinn left the subject alone for now. He had a feeling Tristan wasn’t going to be forthcoming if he pressed the issue.

“Let’s go get you some clothes.” He grinned at Tristan, hoping to make the man feel more at ease. It worked. Tristan’s body visibly relaxed.

Quinn pulled the car from the driveway and headed into town. He needed to call his boss soon. Dino was nice enough to give him time off to take care of the man sitting next to him, but he knew the foreman was anxious to get him back to work.

Quinn parked in front of Lassiter’s clothing store. It wasn’t as large as the ones he was used to shopping in, but it would have to do.

“Come on, jellybean.”

Tristan got out and closed the car door. His eyes darted around, and his fingers clung desperately to the large shirt Quinn had given him to wear. He twisted it around in his fingers as he looked at Quinn with a lost and pleading look. Unsure what that look was about, Quinn scanned the area.

“Follow me.” He held his hand out once he joined Tristan at his side, but the man shied away. Awkwardly, he cleared his throat. “We’re going in there.” Quinn pointed to the shop at the end of the strip.

Tristan nodded and stepped up onto the sidewalk, tripping when one of the sandals caught on the lip of the curb. Quinn grabbed him in time and helped steady him. “I guess I didn’t see that.” Tristan blushed and then hurriedly walked to the shop door. He held it open for Quinn, his eyes once again downcast.

Quinn growled. The little redhead was going to drive him nuts. “Go on in, Tristan.” He reached up and grabbed the top part of the door, holding it open for the man. Tristan stared up at him, his fair skin magnified by those brilliant green eyes of his.

Tristan took a tentative step in and then waited on him.

“Let’s see what this store has.” Quinn walked around, Tristan following obediently behind him. “You have to pick something out. What do you want to wear?”

“Anything you choose for me, sir.” Quinn could see the shorter man’s eyes roaming around. He was looking overwhelmed and excited all at once. There had to be a way to get Tristan to shop for himself without Quinn picking out every stitch of clothing. There was a restless energy about Tristan’s movements as he reached out and fingered one of the shirts hanging on the rack, but quickly pulled it away when he saw Quinn watching him.

He decided to turn this into a game. “What’s your favorite candy, jellybean?”

Tristan’s eyes grew wide and then a slight smile pulled at his lips. “I tasted Skittles once, sir. I have to say, they were delicious.”

“I tell you what. For every piece of clothing you pick, I’ll buy you a pack. Sound good?” Let’s see how big the man’s sweet tooth is.

“I’m not sure where to start.”

Quinn splayed his hands wide. “Anywhere in the store. But if that’s too much to handle, then why don’t you start with shirts, and then you can match pants with them.”

Tristan’s hand touched the shirt on the rack once more. “I can pick this one?”

“Anything you want. I’m going to go talk with the sales clerk, so start shopping.” Quinn walked over to the counter but kept an eye on the redhead.

“Can I help you gentlemen with something?” the man asked as Quinn leaned against the counter.

“I’m just waiting on my friend to shop. Name’s Quinn.” Holding his hand out, he introduced himself.

“Lassiter.” The man shook it. “He seems a little lost. Should I help him?”

Quinn watched as Tristan grabbed a loud lime green shirt and tried to match it with a pair of light blue shorts. “Nah, let him pick what he likes.” He chuckled. “As far as I know, it’s his first shopping trip.”

“This should be interesting,” Lassiter stated when Tristan pulled a few hats from a shelf and tried them on. The one in hand was a large straw hat with small fake flowers attached to the brim. Didn’t Tristan know it was a woman’s hat? Quinn wanted to say something but didn’t want to interfere. The guy was shopping for himself and choosing his own clothes. Quinn was sure it was a monumental feat in the guy’s life. Why burst his bubble?

He walked over to Tristan, seeing the pile of clothing growing in his arms. “You want me to take some of those to the counter?” His jellybean’s arms were loaded with the most outrageous shirts, ranging from the lime green one to something that resembled a crayon box throwing up on it. Tristan must be colorblind.