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In A Heartbeat(2)

By:Hilary Storm

"What? Are you insane? I am not riding with some freak to the club."

"You will see, it's going to be just fine. Smitty's is just three miles from here. Someone will be more than happy to take us, especially when they see our gorgeous bodies."

The only person she sees in the parking lot is this guy getting out of a piece of crap car. He looks like a very smart guy though, sporting some killer eye glasses. She doesn’t miss a beat.

"Excuse me, would you be so kind as to drop us off at Smitty's? You see my friend Eaven here needs to go because her cousin is playing guitar in the rock band that is out there tonight. We are all dressed up and we have no way to go."

Then she cocks her head to the side and puts her lips out just enough to make them look even more plump. She grabs his arm and slowly slides her finger up, then back down it. The poor boy doesn't stand a chance. She will eat him alive. He stutters a bit and is very nervous because of Ivy's advances.

"Uh, ok."

Ivy leans over and gives him a peck on the cheek. He about drops his laptop on the ground. I'm pretty positive she will be in his visions for many nights to come, and I mean that literally.



“Taron, get your ass ready. We have to be there in less than an hour. Smitty won’t put up with your shit. We are lucky he is letting us play in his club.”

“Bro, quit being so damned pushy. I will be ready.”

I am tired of babysitting his stupid ass. We may be twins, but we couldn’t be more different if we tried. He loves to party and has a new girl, or should I say girls, every time we go out. I just haven’t been able to let go like he has. Our high school years were no different. He lived it up. I liked the calm lifestyle I had with Nicole.

“Dude, Luke will be here shortly with the party bus. Is Holden going to meet us out there?” Taron yells at me from his room.

“Yea, he is going to get lil Lilly and meet us there.” Holden is our older brother, and Lilly is like our cousin. We grew up with her and our parents were best friends. We vacationed every year together. She is pretty special to us Walker boys. I pity the guy who tries to hook up with her. He will have three angry big brothers on his ass. She plays bass in our band.

Our friend Luke is the guitarist, Taron sings and prances around like he owns the stage, and I bring the beat on the drums. I love playing the drums. It is one of the things I can do to escape my life and just live in the music. I can actually let go.

“Luke is here, Taron, come on.” I yell as I head out the door and hear him hit the door right behind me.

“It takes time to look this good brother. You should try sometime.” I didn’t remind him that people constantly confuse us for each other at first glance. People who know us usually don’t because of our different personalities.

“Hey Luke! Thanks for hauling our asses to the club! I plan to get toasted and tempted tonight!” Taron says jumping in the bus.

“Tempted my ass, Taron you are tempted with the mail box.” Luke owns an old RV that we always take out when we go. Each time we take it out crazy shit happens on the way home. We all take turns driving home, except for my twin that is. Taron is never in a position to drive. If he didn’t drink too much, he has his mind and body busy with other issues.

We get to the club and our table is reserved since we are the house band tonight. Taron gets an order of tequila shots at the bar. This is going to be an interesting night.

Holden and Lilly join us for a shot. Luke remembers that his cousin is coming and texts her to see where she is. She replies saying that she is outside. We have never met his cousin.

We met Luke last semester. We have been trying to put together this band for a while now. Someone told us he is a kick ass guitarist, and they were right.

I see Luke come back in with two beautiful girls. He has obviously been holding out on us.



Ivy’s new ‘friend’ Owen safely gets us to Smitty's. Luke texts me asking where we are just as we arrive. I tell him we are stuck at the back of the line waiting to get into the club. He came outside and led us past everyone. He whispers something to the bouncer at the door and we are in.

"Girls are you trying to get yourselves laid tonight looking like that?" Luke says as he frowns at both of us.

"Luke you can lay me down anytime." Ivy says. She loves to boldly flirt with him. I am not sure what I would do if they ever did hook up.

"You two need to get a room, I am going to hit the dance floor. What time will the band start?" I ask, hoping to break up whatever they are going to say to each other.