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In A Heartbeat(3)

By:Hilary Storm

"I am going with you, chica, we will tear it up together out there. Luke, honey, will you see if you can get us some shots?"

"Sure, the band will be out in an hour, so enjoy your beats while you can. We are pure rock and I know you girls don't dance to that, but before you do come with me to our table to get your shots and meet some of the guys."

"Oh yea, we will meet the guys, Eaven are you ready?" Ivy doesn’t even let me answer. She grabs my arm and off we go.

Luke introduces us to the group. "Guys this is my cousin Eaven and her best friend, Ivy. Girls this is Taron, Talon, and Holden. Taron is our lead singer, Talon is the drummer, and Holden is their pain in the ass older brother."

It is obvious that Taron and Talon are twins. They look identical except Taron is smiling and playful looking and Talon is quiet and just observing me.

Taron is standing immediately rubbing on Ivy and whispering in her ear. Ivy has the most sensual smile on her damned face. She is going to ditch me and I know it. Seriously?

Ivy turns to me and says "I'll be right back. He wants to show me their ... uh, dressing room."

"I bet he does." I smile at her and she knows I know what she is up to.

I look down and see Talon still staring at me. He is sitting there with his arms crossed with such a serious look on his face. He is gorgeous. He has dark hair that is just long enough for me to run my fingers through. I begin to imagine what it would look like all messed up from my hands and notice how his sexy green eyes are piercing right through me. Why is he staring at me like that? I can't even look in his direction anymore because it is like he is taking away all of the oxygen in the room. My heart is beating so fast and it is extremely hot in here all of a sudden.

"I thought you were going to dance, Cuz." Luke interrupts my confused thoughts.

"I don't know. I should probably wait on Ivy." I say distracted by my recent reaction to my cousin’s friend.

"You always have to have her to do anything fun, don't you?"

"No, why the hell did you say that?” He got my attention with that comment.

"Because I know you, Ev, she is your balls. She is your guts. You like to play it safe and she takes you out of your safety net and makes you live a little."

Ok why are these people that know me so well ragging on me so much about this living thing? Just because I am more reserved and cautious doesn't mean I am a stick in the mud.

"Whatev, Lukie, you promised me shots. Where the hell are they?" I remember that I have decided to live a little. It’s time that I do just that.

"Right here, cuz,” he says with a devilish smirk.

Damn it's tequila. Tequila does not like me. I glance over at Talon and Holden. Holden is purely interested, while Talon is still staring at me with those gorgeous green eyes and that freaking serious face that is making me nervous. Yes that's it, I am just nervous.

Luke hands me the shot and mocks me by saying, "Be careful lil cuz, I know how you react to tequila."

Screw him. I down that shot and grab the bottle to pour me another. Just about that time my bitter tequila face scrunches up and I am gritting my teeth trying to breathe. Holy shit, I hate tequila. How can I prove that I have guts?

What would Ivy do?

Let me think.

She would probably do a body shot.

About this time I find myself grabbing a chick that is walking by. I ask her if she would like to do body shots with me. She quickly agrees.

What am I thinking?

That’s right, now I remember.

Don't think, just do.

I lie down right on the table in front of Talon. The girl lifts my shirt just a little above my belly button. She takes the lime and smears juice all around my stomach and sprinkles the salt on the lower section just above my jeans.

She puts the lime in my mouth and pours the tequila around my belly button.

I am so thankful that I let her go first, because I really wasn't sure how this works.

She starts to lick the salt extremely slowly. I can’t help but feel the sensation as she nears the edge of my button.

She takes her time licking all of the tequila next. She makes sure to make eye contact with me often. Then she nears my face for the lime. Before I know it she has the lime inside her mouth and she is kissing my lips. She lifts her arms in celebration as people nearby begin to cheer her on.

Holy shit! I've just been kissed by a girl.

Luke is laughing at me because he knows I am shitting my pants right now. Damn him. Talon is still looking at me, of course. If I was trying to get him to stop looking, girl on girl body shots are probably not the best bet. Does this guy ever smile?

It's my turn. Ok, here goes nothing.

She lies down. I set the lime in her mouth.

She grabs the salt and shakes it in her cleavage. Wait, what? Salt goes near the belly button, not in the cleavage.